Interested in joining us? A good decision!

Please send your documents to We look forward to receiving your CV in tabular form, listing all relevant stages of your vocational training and previous career path.  Please provide all corresponding written references and certificates. To create a lasting first impression, we kindly ask to include a short cover letter revealing your motivation to apply at Disy. Let us know about your ambitions and expectations, the earliest possible start date and your salary expectations.

Who are we looking for?


Even if our job vacancies aren’t a perfect match, we still encourage you to send in your application.. We are continuously looking for skilled and motivated staff. If your profile is of particular interest, we might just individually match the job to your qualifications.

What’s next?

Once we’ve received your application, we will notify you promptly. It might take a few days for the respective department heads to thoroughly check your documents. If we find your profile to be interesting, we will schedule a phone conversation. This way we can get to know each other a bit - both on a professional and personal level.

If both sides feel positive about this initial contact, we set a date for a personal interview.


We are highly motivated to invest our time because, after all, we want to get to know prospective candidates as much as possible.  If our first impressions are confirmed during the personal interview and there’s good chemistry on both sides, we mostly proceed with a 4–6 hour “trial” on the job.


Experience a “live” work day at Disy. Get to know the teams, take part in the project work and find out about Disy’s spirit. Take a look behind the scenes give us an insight into your personality, your ability, competence and possible opportunities at Disy. It is our objective to make the right decision at the end of the day.

We will hopefully soon be welcoming you to Disyland!