Leadership – A living Culture

We are convinced that the secret of successful cooperation is an open dialogue, the willingness to grow beyond oneself in order to achieve its goals and to embrace new ones together.

Karriere: Führung

A genuine culture of confidence, authentic team spirit and the way in which we act with each other influence our company and leadership culture.  They are an expression of our own self-understanding.

Respect, fairness and openness are the supporting pillars of our mission statement. Our relationships, both internally and with our customers, are shaped consciously and for the long-term. A personal coach assists us reaching our vision.

We strive to achieve what moves us. To accomplish this, we need your knowledge, your commitment and your willingness to accept responsibility. Together we set challenging goals and accompany you on your way. Periodic reflection and feedback are self-evident and meant to enable productive teamwork, to experience interpersonal relationships at eye level and to ensure success.

The goals we set require a culture of leadership with flat hierarchies, short routes and open doors. We welcome unique and innovative ideas.

Regular CTMs (internal abbreviation for cool-theme-marketplace), team meetings and stand-ups are a forum for your creativity. Personal weekly talks with your team manager ensure the necessary orientation and a common perspective on details.  The monthly get-together of the entire staff allows for necessary transparency across all levels.

Needless to say, our leadership culture guarantees a healthy degree of tolerance and willingness to engage in open dialog. Thanks to your commitment new and great things can come to life!