Excellent infrastructure based on professional methods


Continuous Innovation

Our very own core technology Cadenza is the basis for our solutions. . Iterative and customer-driven continuous development is the focus of our work.

We seek innovation and often push ourselves to the limits of what is technically possible. However we always make sure that new and previous approaches form a unit and an overall stable system is created.


Our Development Approach

Code reviews are an important element of our development culture. Supported by modern tools, every new development and every change is subjected to a lightweight review. It's not just about preventing bugs and achieving high code quality - we use this method to spread knowledge and learn from each other.


That's why we perform real peer reviews, where everyone carries out reviews in equal parts and for every author. Junior developers also get to examine the code of the architects as we are convinced that both sides will profit. Furthermore this approach will lead to quality code.

Each bug involves a root cause analysis to find out the real causes. Appropriate measures not only eliminate the symptom, but also sustainably ensure that our quality standards are maintained. We use many open source frameworks and libraries. It is important for us to give something back to the community in the form of bug fixes and improvements.

However, we also continuously evaluate our third-party dependencies and switch to newer approaches when we feel it makes sense. We do not follow every trend blindly or stick statically to the same procedures. We make use of the various options and only adopt those methods that have proven themselves to be worthy and made us feel reassured. The monthly training day allows us to experiment with new technologies and procedures.
This means that every employee has 12 days of “extra holiday” a year during which they can explore what they always wanted to know, either alone or in groups.

Foto Methoden

The use of our own products offers consultants, solution developers and architects a great deal of creative freedom across a broad spectrum of projects and maximum flexibility in designing individual customer solutions.

Commercial and open source databases are often exploited right down to the very last bit. Various tools for analysis, editing and research of attribute and spatial data are used creatively.
Disy consultants face the exciting challenge of getting a good grasp of new technical specialties while finding THE solution that provides optimum customer benefit.

Our strategy has proven successful for many years.
Every version management committed makes our software a little bit better and every successful customer project leads to an even wider spectrum of solution components.