Why we need software architects

Our software architects are visionary and strategic thinkers. They love to create creative and flexible software solutions that make our products better and faster. They are not afraid of technically difficult challenges, sometimes approaching the limit of the feasible; these motivate them still more.

On our technical level, standing still means taking a step backward. That's why we need software architects to create a solid basis for the enhancement of our products – and thus to keep coming closer to our technological vision.

It won’t work: That doesn’t happen here. Our software architects make it possible!!

What distinguishes our software architects

  • Of course: Disy’s software architects are absolutely up-to-date technologically, they have a lot of experience, and they write the highest-quality code.
  • They coordinate and assist with the implementation of projects with passion, structure the work packages, conduct reviews of the results, and provide constructive feedback.
  • They happily share their knowledge with their team colleagues and they always remain down-to-earth, for they also actively involved in pair programming.
  • If there are technical issues, they work as a team to formulate solutions.
  • They understand our customers’ complex solution architectures and passionately develop ideas for ways in which our products can be integrated.
  • They work closely with product management and sales in order to enhance the technological vision.
  • And they also evaluate new technologies, frameworks, and libraries; check how these can be deployed; and ensure that they are always working to the state of the art.

How our software architects work

Picture: How our software architects work

Based on our customers’ complex functional requirements, our software specialists design the architecture for technical solutions and features that fit perfectly into our product environment. In the process, their thinking is visionary and ensures that we will remain fit for the future with dynamic software solutions.

In the world of data with spatial reference, we combine methods from GIS with the BI world. Our software architects ensure custom-tailored work preparation for the development team; identify and master risks; and are also involved in the implementation.

What our employees say about the job

Picture: What our employees say about the job

“We are constantly working to develop our code, make it better and faster, keep our Java version and libraries up-to-date, and remove old, outdated structures. It's important to think a few steps ahead into the future, but also to keep possible dependencies in the back of your head. Of course, all of this is nothing special. However, we are working with an extremely large code base, which has grown over the last 20 years and continues to grow today. Added to this is the fact that we have a very broad customer base with very diverse requirements, all of which we have to map on our uniform platform. “Balconies” on the learning software for individual customers don’t make anyone happy in the long term. Keeping an eye on the big picture in this huge mass of code and immense complexity and ensuring quality, extensibility, and maintainability is the biggest challenge. But with a team of really good developers, taking the bull by the horns inspires my work as an architect.

Here, the concern is not just instructing colleagues, but also rolling up your sleeves and diving into the code.“

Jens, software architect at Disy

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