Studying with Disy: a step into your future

Theory is important – but things get really interesting when the concern is transforming theory into practice. We offer students in Computer Science, Geoinformatics, Geoecology, Environmental Sciences, and Engineering and Natural Sciences with an IT focus a colorful range of possibilities for practical application of their knowledge, from Master's theses to internships to dual courses of study.

Boost your practical experience at Disy!

Students are our future. That's why we're always looking for smart people who will keep our company moving forward. So that you lack nothing as a student at Disy and the cooperation is fruitful for both sides, of course we won’t leave you on your own. You’ll have a fixed contact person and you’ll be well taken care of thanks to our mentoring. And of course you’ll be a full member of our company and profit, in addition to a special student program, from nearly all benefits that Disy offers.

Dual course of study at Disy

The best way to study with maximum practical application is a dual course of study, that is, a combination of university studies and hands-on vocational training. That’s why we cooperate with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg (DHBW).

With us, students have the opportunity to apply what they're learning practically while they're still studying. During the entire course of your dual studies, you’ll be a fully integrated member of your team and experience all aspects of Disy, not just the technical ones.

Master's thesis

Picture: Master's thesis

In our job openings, we regularly advertise Master's theses with specified topics. They offer you the opportunity to work on very practical subjects and to solve real problems. Are you interested in one of these topics? Then apply for this thesis and complete your studies at Disy. Do you have your own idea you’d like to write about? We're open to your suggestions and we are pleased if you have good project ideas that fit us well. Do we also support Bachelor's theses? In principle, this is also possible, assuming that you’ve selected a complex topic and you’re working on a high professional level. If you have a specific idea, suggest your topic for the thesis to us and we’ll see if it could work for both sides.


Would you like to gain some practical experience, and do you have a few weeks’ or months’ time, for example during a vacation or between two courses of study? Then use this time for an internship at Disy! Write to us: karriere@disy.net.

In software development, solution development or in other areas, there are expert mentors waiting for you; they will provide you with the necessary practical knowledge quickly and intensively.

Student jobs

Even when you’re still attending university, there are possibilities to work with us. As a student, you can learn more about your subject area and learn a lot from our everyday operations as well. If you’re interested in helping us out while you’re a student, write to us: karriere@disy.net.

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