Disy at a Glance

At first glance, data seems to be just a boring series of numbers in columns of numbers. But what is in them can change the world!

Since the company was founded, our passion has been to further develop  Cadenza so that users can better understand and evaluate the essence of their spatial data. At the same time we support our customers in embedding our product in their data landscape and in creating an overall solution. Knowledge can grow from simple columns of numbers as a decision making basis. Often it concerns  data from yourimmediateenvironment - controversial topics with great social relevance, i.e. areas that affect you directly or indirectly. Take a look at the examples below.

Internetportal für Geothermie

Internet Portal for Geothermal Energy

Heat from the earth's interior is one of the renewable energies which can be used for heating buildings. In practice, however, this depends on the specific location. Whether a certain location is suitable or whether groundwater protection concerns exclude the use of geothermal energy can be verified by using an Internet portal in Thuringia, for example. This portal,  based on our product Cadenza, offers these spatial analyses.


Environmental Noise

Traffic noise caused by road and rail as well as aircraft , industrial and commercial noise are serious problems. Numerous projects that Disy is involved in deal with this topic. The aim is to enable institutions that are in charge of the implementation of social and structural measures assessing the noise situation on a large scale and to plan suitable mitigation measures. To this end, we develop IT solutions in which a lot of source data (roads, railway lines, data on traffic density, terrain models, building and resident data) are integrated into databases and pre-processed  to create noise simulations. Our solutions can then be used to determine how many people in a certain area are affected by noise and to visualise the results on interactive noise maps,
They also show how noise pollution changes when building a noise protection wall or changing traffic patterns. This way, we assist our customers in actively creating concepts and reports - including the European Union.

Foto Flooding


Elbe, Danube or Saale – every year, rivers overflow their banks and authorities must take preventive measures, ensure timely warning of the danger and repair any damage.

Our IT solutions help those responsible to react appropriately, for example by answering ad hoc questions such as "Which companies with hazardous substances are located in the expected flood area and must be notified quickly?". With the help of our tools, flood hazard maps are also published on the Internet .

Foto Agriculture and Nature Conservation

Agriculture and Nature Conservation

From climate change via animal welfare all the way to nature conservation and healthy food – the challenges we face are tremendous. Data with a spatial reference to complex issues must be collected and analysed on a daily basis in order to ensure that economy and ecology do not contradict each other, but are rather brought into harmony with each other. Together with our customers from the agricultural or environmental administration sectors, we develop Cadenza-based systems that can integrate and evaluate data from nature conservation (e.g. species and habitat data, impact regulations, landscape planning ...), agriculture (field and plant data, soil and fertilisation data ...) and many other specific areas.

Foto Mobiltechnik für Afrika

Mobile Technology for Africa

While polio is considered eradicated in large parts of the world, the poliovirus still occurs in a few regions. To combat this virus, targeted campaigns are being conducted in Nigeria, with hundreds of doctors and volunteers carrying out regular vaccinations in the affected regions. To better manage the campaigns, data (aerial photographs, maps of paths and towns, population figures, vaccination protocols, etc.) are continuously collected and updated. Using mobile technology such as Cadenza Mobile developed by Disy, doctors can now also take this data with them on a mobile device and use it offline.

They can better orientate themselves in difficult terrain and immediately document their measures in digital form.