Social Commitment

Protecting Habitats – Not Just Digitally

Everyone at Disy is contributing

For many years we have been supporting the Eva Kleinn Scholarship to facilitate the studies of young scientists who want to continue Eva Kleinn’s work in nature conservation in her spirit. The scholarship is part of the Michael Succow Foundation.

„To call attention to nature, to realise its magnificence, its uniqueness and its vulnerability – to increase our awareness of these issues is a major goal of my foundation. For the preservation of nature is not a luxury but one of the most important social services to ensure the continuation of human society.“ (Michael Succow)

Disy is also committed to helping young people in deprived situations and improving their living conditions. We are a member of the Förderkreis für Kinder e.V. Karlsruhe [local sponsoring society for children] The support group finances various homes and facilities for children and young people in need, securing and tailoring their living spaces beyond pure basic provision. www.foerderkreis-fuer-kinder.de

What's Going on at Disy

In the course of the year we organize many actions and activities to fill up Disy's piggy bank. Here's a brief overview:

Disy’s Christmas Market

11/12/2017 The first Disy Christmas market was held entirely in the spirit of pre-Christmas. At 4:30 pm candles were lit on the roof terrace and staff and their families were invited to share “Glühwein” (hot spiced wine) , children’s punch and many culinary and baked delicacies. To soothe hungry tummies, Croatian stuffed cabbage, thick egg noodles and Merguez were being served. Those craving sweets found candied almonds, popcorn and cotton candy, mixed with the scent of chestnuts to create the typical Christmas market aroma.  Candle dipping and a crafts station entertained the children. Delicious gifts from the kitchen and decorative handicrafts were sold at a market stall for the purpose of donating. Many colleagues joined forces to organize this afternoon and provide a wide selection of products. Almost all Disy employees welcomed their families at dusk and spent an early evening in the pre-Christmas spirit. At the end of the year, the donation box was once again filled up nicely.

Picture Bollywood Kitchen

Bollywood Kitchen

28/06/2017 There was great excitement last week when a colleague introduced us to the world of Indian cuisine, providing old family recipes. Unusual flavours and extraordinary spices heated us up – grandma’s chilli mixture worked magic!

Picture Baden Mile Run 2017

Baden Mile Run 2017

07/05/2017 At the “Baden Mile Run” (Badische Meile), 12 colleagues proved that it takes more than a little bit of rain to keep sporty Disyaners away from a good challenge. All of them reached the finish line soaking wet, but without any lasting damages or subsequent sniffles.  They’ve won a lovely donation to be credited to the vacation account of the local Children and Youth Support Center. A huge thank you to our athletes!

Grafik Spendenbarometer

Lunch Table Increases Donation Barometer 2017

“Colleagues cooking for a good cause” is what a Disy team had in mind at the beginning of the month. No sooner said than done! Yesterday things got busy in our office kitchen: Sausages, veggie burgers and a selection of salads were prepared. A unique sweet surprise was served for the grand finale: The Disy Mud Pie! As there were no leftovers, we’ve collected a nice sum for the good cause. Overall a very yummy lunch break!

Picture Disy Christmas Tree

X-Mas Wishes underneath Disy’s Christmas Tree

06/12/2016 Once again, Disy participated in the “make a wish” campaign of the local children and youth center. Many small presents from the wish list found their way underneath Disy’s Christmas tree. Each colleague could pick his or her contribution and add a personal touch with a handwritten greeting card. On top, Disy contributed gift certificates for Europapark (Germany’s largest theme park) as well as restaurants and financed the remaining gifts of the X-Mas campaign. Together we were able to fulfil all wishes, which seemed not so big after all.

Picture Disy goes Open-Air

Disy goes Open-Air – Movies for a Good Cause

24/10/2016 Delicious mixed cocktails, popcorn and a good movie on one of the last late summer days of the year - what more could you ask for to prepare the perfect open-air movie theater on our roof terrace?! Vanessa and her team organized this very entertaining evening and, in addition to many plus points, collected a considerable sum for our donation pot from all of the colleagues present. As always, Disy will match this amount.

Foto Hand Made with Love

Home-Made Baking and Good Deeds

Juicy fruits from organic farmers on a home-made fluffy sponge cake and classic strawberry cake bringing back childhood memories did not just feed the colleagues, but also Gottlieb, our donation piggy bank. We look forward to collecting more donations for the local Children and Youth Center Karlsruhe throughout the year - with our “Disy home-made campaign”.