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The farming industry is facing great challenges. The increase in the global population, changing eating habits and the generation of energy from biomass has increased the demand on farming goods. While at the same time the competition for limited resources like ground, water and energy has increased. Growing demands from environmental protection and requirements to reduce CO2 emissions has led to complex production standards for businesses.

Data from the many diverse parties, which are involved in the agricultural supply chain processes, must be brought together in order to be able to make relevant forecasts. In particular in split production, for example, it is important to keep an overview of the individual fields. Modern agricultural machines also collect a large amount of data which, together with current weather and climate data, are prepared and made available. All these are challenges which can only be met using tightly networked planning and decision-making processes.


Bundled specialist, process and IT know-how

In Disy you have found a strong, reliable partner with a great amount of specialist and IT know-how. Together with the process know-how of the farming industry from our partner First4Farming, we provide you with a continuous and optimum range of solutions. Moreover, IT consulting and (spatial) data integration know-how are our strengths. With Cadenza you have an optimum product at your fingertips to maintain and comprehensively evaluate attribute and spatial data using both mobile and web interfaces. When designing complex data and service infrastructures, we create the necessary connections in your data landscape, so that you can leave your data where they are.

Individual views and solutions can be created for the individual players in the agricultural supply chain, so that better field cultivation, more precise yield forecast, planning and management of the contract farmers, warehouse management of the fields and much more is possible. Seed propagating companies, contract farming, companies in the fertiliser and pesticide industry as well as agricultural cooperatives and collaborations are a part of this farming industry – they all profit from using the Cadenza software.

Our partner First4Farming - the supply chain expert in the farming industry

First4Farming (F4F) is one of the most successful providers of integrated solutions in the agricultural supply chain. They are specialised in supply chain solutions in the grain, seed, crop and fertiliser industry. F4F enables manufacturers, logistics partners, distributors, consultants and growers, to work together effectively and to cope with the challenges of food production in the 21st century. In the partnership with Disy, industry know-how and expertise in integrating and analysing data with environmental and spatial reference are successfully brought together.


The following shows some sample solutions:

Seed propagation solution for seed manufacturers, propagators and participating farmers

Starting form the parking space the auditor can walk along an easy navigation route including distance and direction details. This way, you can easily find the respective fields without the help of the farmer.

With our solutions, growers gain an overview of their propagation processes and the expected yields – from global, right down to individual fields. The basis of all yield forecasts are local on-site forecasts which are directly made by the farmer at the propagation area.

Each individual field can be accessed via the solution by name and using the map. A display of the yields for each seed/type shows the individual performance of each field. Connections between the location, ground, weather and the harvested seed per field are shown. The optimum utilisation of harvest drivers can be planned on the basis of aggregated data.

The initiative to simplify the seed certification process

The map shows an overview of all fields in the system. The crops are highlighted in different colors. On the left side you can see the filter with specific filter criteria.

Disy, F4F and SAP have founded an initiative to simplify the seed certification process. The aim of the initiative is to network members within the seed production with each other in order to carry out processes and cooperate with each other faster, more openly and more cost-effectively.
A solution was developed specifically for this purpose, offering fundamental simplification of the planning, managing and reporting of propagation projects. It manages the data from propagation projects and provides an exact and current overview of the status of seed production in the area.

Users can be all organisations involved in the propagation process, for example growers, propagation organisations, farmers and the public domain. These receive either direct access to the system or they are provided with the required information via an interface. An integration into existing systems is possible.

Detailed information is available on every propagation project. These can be both recorded and managed directly by the farmers, the propagation organisations or the growing company. Extensive analysis and reporting functions form the basis of the certification process and provide the individual companies with a current overview of each individual propagation project. The entire certification process is automated and is more simple.


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