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Challenges arising in environmental administration through wide-ranging spatial reference issues

Environmental administration is a new and innovative form of administration in nearly every country worldwide. Since the eighties, it has grown into a central interface for social and political decision-making processes. Challenges in everyday work arise through the questions from specialist divisions, which are as varied as the environment itself. At the same time, almost all issues have a spatial reference, which fundamentally makes environmental administration a very data-intensive form of administration.


The interface function and role of pioneer held by environmental administration requires specialist tools

At the same time, the interface function of employees in environmental administration requires intensive dialogue with local citizens and other authorities. With the help of scientific methods, they systematically and efficiently prepare hugely important decisions. And there’s another significant factor in the work carried out by environmental administration: Due to to laws such as Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE), its putting into national legislation and the public interest in environmental issues, environmental administration takes on a pioneering role again and again. For example, it became a pioneer in open data exchange between authorities and the development of national spatial data infrastructures.This results in high technological demands on the tools used in environmental administration.

Disy develops solutions tailored to environmental administration

Since being founded, Disy has developed technologies and solutions for the challenges involved in environmental administration. Our product and consultation portfolio is absolutely unique, ranging from solutions for individual specialist divisions right up to infrastructures across departments on a national level. Right from the start, we have seen ourselves as partner and guide for environmental administration. The long-standing and successful cooperation with our customers proves that we provide the best solutions with our products. We include the know-how gained from our many customer projects in the constant development of our products. Cadenza is now used for analysing, reporting and evaluating spatial data at thousands of workplaces on all levels of administration. And because our tools and solutions fulfil all technological requirements Cadenza has developed into the absolute industry standard for environmental administration in German-speaking countries.


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