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Every incident has a spatial reference

Institutions of law and order are daily confronted with new challenges. Whether it is about ensuring public order, investigating crimes and providing public relations services (e.g. how to better protect your property), or imparting information including specific incidents and, not least, focusing on prevention – the abundance of tasks ahead is immense. Therefore, data analysis and its causal links are particularly important, but also cost-intensive and time-consuming. Statistics are compiled and reports are forwarded internally to colleagues and departments or externally to other institutions and bodies.


A platform for public security agencies and institutions

Disy’s Cadenza platform is an expert system that provides public security agencies and institutions with extensive functionalities, supporting them in efficiently managing their daily tasks in the field of information management. This truly unique software solution enables large organisations and agencies to develop space-related reporting systems. From reporting all the way to management information including statistical and map-related analyses – our platform is designed to provide support at every step.

Consistent flow of geospatial data at every workplace across the entire organisation

Cadenza ensures access to geospatial information from all workstations – including intuitive, easy-to-use map viewers. It is also possible to define who is allowed to read and process which data and functionalities via the integrated user and rights administration tool. It manages data at granular level and even logs all requests. Access is provided via desktop, web and mobile devices in offline mode, including universal interfaces – always depending on the area of application and people (e.g. police forces, scheduling, analyses). Workstations for power users and enforcement personnel can be continuously supplied with consistent information through the integrated platform. Customised views (e.g. for executives) bundle information from different departments in a coordinated manner. Thanks to Cadenza it is possible to create a standard point of access to every workstation throughout the entire organisation.

What is more, it automatically adds spatial value to your data, i.e. you need no additional map viewers, geoinformation systems or analysis tools that create a reference to a specific location or geographical area.

Extensive analysis and filtering capabilities plus spatial reporting

The platform is equipped with a comprehensive analysis tool: Standardised analyses with ad-hoc maps and statistics/charts as well as automated output of reports including all generated images can be created with Cadenza.

There are preconfigured and standardised queries available for daily reports and statistics. Moreover, application managers can configure new analyses and statistics whenever needed.

Special features for expert and analysis workstations

Spatial and attribute data such as telecommunications data can be processed and related to other data sets. This way it is possible to combine internal data with relevant external information. Another special feature includes geo-reporting with geo-functionalities: Existing files can thus be enriched by maps and charts directly on the desktop, linked to file or transaction processing.

There is a wide range of options, ranging from new analyses to prevention on the basis of new data and analysis tools. This also includes communication to the public based on the analysis results, such as car theft along certain streets, seasons-related domestic burglary or events in a city.

Moreover, it is possible to validate logged statements directly at the workstation, taking into account weather data linked to incidents, such as fog-related accidents, or telecommunications data in combination with civil registration data.

Seamless integration

Another significant benefit is the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate with data information systems. Cadenza is based on the existing data infrastructure and combines additional information sources with the data of a process information system. It offers all benefits of a "stand alone" system, but it also integrates into the existing system environment. Different types of data can be integrated via numerous interfaces. Cadenza uses open and standardised data formats only. The geo, data and IT experts from Disy gladly share their knowledge and technical expertise in this field and provide assistance to facilitate implementation and integration.

Our software is "made in Germany", which means we develop the core product exclusively in Germany, without the support of offshore or nearshore companies. Our profound expertise allows us to meet the individual needs and requirements of our customers who can get actively involved in the functional development of Cadenza. This is how we create sustainable solutions perfectly synergized with our customers’ needs.

Cadenza is a software that has proven its value in practice. Whether regional, national, or local authorities – many of our public sector clients have been relying on this best-in-class solution for many years. Disy’s expertise in spatial analytics and reporting in combination with Cadenza provides the internal security sector with a unique GIS and reporting solution..


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