Why we need Database Integration Engineers

Our Database Integration Engineers are passionate about highly complex data models. They are the masters of databases, understand the switches in the configuration which are vital for performance and they know which functions have their quirks and when. They are focused and goal-oriented in their work without losing sight of the bigger picture.

We develop tools which enable our customers to derive the best information from their data. The best possible information means better, longer-term decision-making. Our Database Integration Engineers search for the most efficient route through every problem and don’t allow themselves to be driven by habits. If there’s the possibility of a better solution, they will find it.

Our Database Integration Engineers take the power of databases to the edge – and beyond!

What sets our Database Integration Engineers apart

  • They see more in the database than simply a storage container. That’s why they develop the necessary routines for data processing right within the database, taking the load off specialized applications.
  • They have practical experience in implementing complex data integration processes on the basis of advanced ETL technologies in heterogeneous system environments.
  • Our database specialists agree that not every wheel needs to be reinvented. That’s why they develop their database routines in such a way that they fit into our modular system and can be used again at any time.
  • They like to be creative and combine different options for the database which don’t have anything to do with each other at all at first glance. This is a surprise to everyone who had previously underestimated the possibilities of databases.
  • Database Integration Engineers at Disy even solve problems now and again by simply drawing on the whiteboard a lot and formulating pseudo code. After that, implementation in PL/SQL can be done in no time.

How Database Integration Engineers work with us

Picture: How Database Integration Engineers work with us

They design, implement, and expand database solutions in the field of data analytics and GIS. Besides this, they analyze and optimize existing solutions and contribute to the development of individual, long-term software for our customers with their extensive conceptional database know-how.

We work with the ETL tool Talend. Oracle and Postgres are our loyal companions at work. Our everyday tasks are often concerned with the runtime optimization of SQL code and the implementation of structured PL/SQL routines. All the while, it is important for us to work according to the paradigms of classic software development and to write clean code – also in the database.

What our employees say about the job

Picture: What our employees say about the job

To me, it's exciting to find solutions to the most wide-ranging complex problems. For example, we are often confronted with the task of preparing an extremely large amount of data with spatial reference, both technically and geometrically. In this case, we want to create long-term and comprehensible solutions. With an understanding of high-level language, for example from information technology studies, as well as clean code approaches, it is also possible to develop real rocket science within classic RDBMS.

At the start of a new project, I familiarize myself with the mostly non-transparent data structures and the technical fields of our customers. Sometimes, our customers themselves have lost track of the evolved structures and are impressed when we bring clarity to the data.

Alone, or also working together in a team, we develop algorithms and ideas to process these data (masses) to make them highly performant and clear. In particular, challenges which involve complex geometric data structures really appeal to me. When analyzing special cases and critical paths, you shouldn’t be scared of questioning your own ideas over and over again. Only after heated exchanges with colleagues does a good idea become a usable idea."

Markus, Database Developer at Disy

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