Your Perspective as Senior

Someone who wants to make the right decisions needs the right information. The right IT solution provides the right information. And custom-tailored IT solutions are created by expert employees – who are on the highest level professionally and have passion, motivation, and the desire to accomplish something.

We need employees who want to make a mark!

Why should you work for us?

You have many years’ experience in your field, know your way around the relevant technologies, and you’re seeking challenges even at this point in your career. You keep on thinking, sink your teeth into complex problems, and are only satisfied with the best. Then we’ll be a good fit for one another.

Disy doesn’t stand for the quick fix. We design products and customer solutions for the long term – this is anchored deep in our DNA. For the most part, we work with long-standing regular customers, helping them with their technical development.

What distinguishes you

Picture: What distinguishes you
  • A lot of experience in your area and an open, curious eye for other areas
  • Creative ideas, also outside the box
  • The passion to create innovations that are socially relevant
  • The desire to give everything you’ve got and incorporate all your capabilities – and keep on growing
  • The claim to design actively – in the product, in customer projects, and in the processes.

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