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Cadenza uniquely unites data analytics, reporting and GIS in one product: All of your organization’s users can flexibly filter, analyse, visualise and prepare data and also send it to third parties – as table, chart, map or complete report.


Cadenza provides a unified access point to all data of your organisation – from individual specialist databases and spatial databases right up to spatial data servers and organisation-wide data warehouses.

As a software solution for your entire organisation, Cadenza offers different access points to your data: Cadenza Desktop for unrivalled flexibility in terms of analysis and design at every workstation, Cadenza Web for easy access to web-based analyses, maps and reports on the Intranet and Internet, and Cadenza Mobile for users on the go.


Platform for organisation-wide reporting and GIS

Cadenza is not just a software product, but an entire software platform with modules attuned to one another. They establish organisation-wide reporting and evaluation systems with spatial reference and  set-up spatial data infrastructures. No matter how many workstations you have or what kind of data and issues you have to deal with, the platform can be configured and optimised to meet the needs of your specific infrastructure.

What makes Cadenza

… so special:

  • It allows you to search for, analyse and visualise data flexibly
  • Uses data from different data sources
  • Serves different user groups seamlessly

... so different:

  • Cadenza integrates with your existing infrastructure
  • Uses existing infrastructure and complements missing data
  • Is the only platform which combines reporting and GIS in its core

... so unique:

  • Unrivalled organisation-wide information management
  • Spatial is not special
  • It is actively shaped by customers

Desktop GIS, Web GIS & Mobile GIS

Cadenza is the only data analysis and reporting platform that offers an integrated fully-fledged geographic information system (GIS). As GIS platform it provides seamless access to all map data via different access points: As Desktop GIS for professionals, as a Web GIS for occasional users and as a GIS app for smartphones and tablets. This way you can also use and edit your spatial data on the go.

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