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Organisationsweite Berichts- und Auswertesysteme schnell aufbauen

1. Set up company-wide reporting and spatial analytics systems quickly

The need for information and the informational duties of companies and public authorities are growing day by day. Information must be available quickly at all times and from everywhere. In particular, this means: It should be possible to search for and analyse equally attribute and geo data at every workstation and to easily distribute the results to the public or to colleagues. With Cadenza we have created the best software for establishing flexible reporting and company-wide spatial analytics infrastructures. You can use Cadenza to search and filter ad hoc in the distributed databases without database knowledge, prepare the results for your reports and presentations and provide these to the entire organisation at the touch of a button.

Geodaten und Sachinformationen gemeinsam nutzen

2. Use geodata and attribute information jointly

Geodata is also just data. Cadenza is the only tool that allows to  use and to analyse of attribute information and geo data equally. Through one central interface, it is possible to filter, combine and jointly use attribute and geodata quickly and flexibly. From search of data, to analysis of data, on through to the display and reporting at the touch of a button:  Cadenza does not distinguish between map-based and attribute-based information.


3. Get the full potential out of your data landscape

Create added value by linking different data and unifying access to it. This is easiest with Cadenza, for the application spares you the time-consuming migration and combination of your data. Cadenza is the perfect integration tool as it works with all common GIS data formats, databases for attribute data and geodata, as well as geo data services and servers and it does not pose its own format requirements. Link all your geo- and attribute data with Cadenza so that you can profit from new insights.

Durch Gruppierung, Aggregation und Klassifikation mit Daten flexibel arbeiten

4. Work with data flexibly thanks to grouping, aggregation and classification

Regardless of whether that data in question is parameter lists, spatial relations or time units, it must be combined, grouped, aggregated and classified before presentation. Cadenza offers several ways to work with the data: general table-based formation, calculations of percentiles on through to complex function conditions. All these can be configured easily with Cadenza using a template mechanism. Thus calculations and functions defined once can be applied immediately to other data.

Diagramme, Karten und Berichte mithilfe von Assistenten und auf Knopfdruck erstellen

5. Create charts, maps and reports with wizards and at the touch of a button

Not every finding should be displayed the same way. Cadenza supports many different ways to visualize data. This includes of course general chart types such as bar and pie charts but also special box-and-whisker charts. Additionally data can be visualised as map diagrams or even as thematic maps - there are hardly any limits placed on your fantasy to professionally present results based on real data. In addition, all way of visualisation can be transferred to print-ready reports using standard report templates. These reports can jointly contain grouped and aggregated tables, charts and maps. Numerous wizards help the user configure such report templates. At the touch of a button you can create reports, for direct publication on the intra- or Internet. And Web-based services such as WMS are also easy to generate. Regular monthly, quarterly or annual reports and analyses can be integrated into third-party applications and portals with just a few mouse-clicks.


6. One central configuration for all devices and usage type

Once they have been configured, filter criteria, analyses and reports are available to user groups via different interfaces: Professional users and data editors can use Cadenza Desktop to work intensively with the data or to provide other users with new views of the data. Casual users can get a quick overview through a Web browser with Cadenza Web. Mobile users can take the data and maps with them even offline on the tablet with the Cadenza Mobile app. In addition, third-party applications can use Cadenza services to access all data and information views.

Zugang zu Daten und Auswertungen über feingranulare Rechteverwaltung steuern

7. Full access control and user rights management

With Cadenza’s central rights management, access rights can be controlled and specified in finely classified fashion for various user groups. The tool offers a wide range of functionalities - from simple user and role models, all the way down to specific data filters per employee and display of entire administrative structures for several administrative levels. Of course Active Directory and LDAP as well as single-sign-on solutions are fully supported.

Software made in Germany

8. Software made in Germany

“Made in Germany” – three words which, taken together, are an international synonym for the highest quality, premium support and satisfied customers. Disy Informationssysteme GmbH was awarded the “Software Made in Germany” quality seal by the Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand, the association of Germany ICT-related SMEs, because the company has dedicated itself to special service and especially high quality standards


9. The proof: Happy customers

Cadenza is a mature software platform installed in more than 300 large organisations. Cadenza is the backbone for the modern, organisation-wide spatial data infrastructures and simplifies daily work for more than 10.000 users.


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