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Reporting, GIS, data analysis and reporting

Cadenza Desktop is the heart of the Cadenza platform. By using Cadenza Desktop client, users can create search forms, visualizations, maps and reports flexibly and easily based on all their data. It is also perfect tool for a data editor to preconfigure needed analyses, reports and maps for other users. Many users deploy it as an easy-to-use desktop GIS.


For professional users – gather and distribute information

Professional users need access to information from data in order to take decisions or inform third parties. Using the Cadenza navigator, professional users gain an overview of all existing data, reports and maps - and this in a uniform form, regardless of the data source connected. With filter forms, they can make criteria-based ad hoc queries. Filtered data can be further grouped, aggregated, sorted and exported.  Cadenza is a impressive tool select data and visualization and to present the coherently in a perfectly styled report - and this for geodata and attribute data alike. Any visualization configured once can be distributed to all other clients including Web and mobile at the touch of a button.

For data editors – create and provide templates

Frequently you do data analyses and create reports and visualizations not for yourself, but because you want to make these available to third parties quickly and easily. Cadenza has perfected the principle of creating templates and providing them to third parties. When a table, a chart, a map or report is finished, the data editor may save it as a template. This means that all authorised users can use this template in order to present their data. And best of all: All templates can also be used directly via Cadenza Web or Cadenza Web Services.

For administrators – ensure and control data access

Naturally an IT infrastructure also has to be administered, especially if used by several hundred or thousand users. By using Cadenza Desktop, the administrator can integrate new databases at any time or provide new tables, columns or data queries to all users. Even the mapping of data from different databases is possible easily. Additionally the integrated User Manager provides all means to the administrator to controls access. In addition LDAP or Active Directory including the definition of additional filters based roles and groups can be used.


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