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Your geodata goes mobile

Cadenza Mobile is the long arm of your desktop: You can now use your spatial and attribute data including linked media and office documents on your tablet while on the go - even offline, i.e. without any data connection.

Cadenza Mobile consists of an app and a module with which the mobile maps are designed and exported and data entered on the go is imported again. Install Cadenza Mobile via the possibilities listed below.


The mobile specialised map

According to the export setting selected, the maps transferred are available to you on the tablet and smartphone completely offline or Cadenza Mobile accesses a WMS service via the Internet. On the mobile specialised map, you can shift the map cross-section with finger gestures or with a pen and zoom, display the entire map area and jump to your current location using the GPS function. You can show and hide individual map layers as needed, request attribute data about objects and documents and display and add other media data to an object.

The graphic notebook

Building on the mobile specialised map, Cadenza Mobile offers the opportunity to freely enter points, lines and areas, as well as make text notes, photos, audio and video recordings and assign them to the note objects. All of the functions of the graphic notebook are also available to you in offline operation.
When you are back at your desktop computer, you can export the note objects entered on the go and if necessary media objects from the mobile device and take them over automatically into your data storage. On takeover, the mobile notes are transformed into Shapefiles. Media objects are assigned to the note objects and can thus be examined and played back.

The mobile land register

However, Cadenza Mobile goes a step further: In Cadenza Desktop you can configure map layers as specialised land registers. A specialised land register allows the structured entry and maintenance of simple geo-objects with specialised validators and key lists.
Such land registers can also be edited mobile and offline with Cadenza Mobile. You collect or edit the object geometry, either manually or via the GPS functionality of your mobile device and maintain the attribute data using the relevant entry form. When you are back at your desktop workstation, Cadenza takes over the changes and transfers them into your desktop map and thus into your data storage.


Download the latest version (for Smartphones and tablets) now:

For iOS: Cadenza Mobile App

For Android: Cadenza Mobile App


Here’s how: Mobile data in three steps

  1. In Cadenza Desktop or ArcGIS for Desktop, select a map section as mobile work area.
  2. Export your map section with all linked documents and media and transfer it via the mobile server via WLAN (a) or USB cable (b) to the mobile end user device.
  3. Use your mobile map offline or access a WMS service and OpenStreetMap via the Internet.

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