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Platform for organisation-wide GIS and reporting

Cadenza is a software platform for the establishment of organisation-wide reporting and spatial analytics systems and for the realization of spatial data infrastructures. Regardless of the number of users and questions you have, the platform can be configured and tailored to your individual needs.

Cadenza can access all of your data as the platform is anchored directly on your data infrastructure. By accessing your databases, GIS, files, services or data warehouse directly Cadenza gives you a new and closer view on your data. Cadenza creates maps, charts, tables and reports automatically for you. No matter which device you use, Cadenza comes with a smooth and easy to use interface for Desktop, Web & mobile.


One plattform for all

As state-of-the-art multi-layer architecture, the Cadenza platform has several interfaces that all access the common data infrastructure. Cadenza Desktop is the desktop workstation that helps experienced users with their daily work with the data and the data editor and administrator with configuration of access to the data. Cadenza Web is optimised for use by casual users who access prepared data filters, analyses, visualizations and reports via their browsers. Cadenza Mobile allows you to take your data along offline on your tablet or smartphone (iPad, Android) and to edit it while on the go. And finally, with a our web service interface, administrators can offer all reports, visualizations and analyses for third-party applications and portals. This allows seamless integration applications.

The repository – design and configure instead of programming

The Cadenza repository forms the core of Cadenza. It stores all configurations and controls access. All of the data is made known to the system here, the research forms are configured and all reports and evaluations are stored as templates that can be used directly. With Cadenza Desktop, the person supporting the application can also use the easy-to-operate designer tools in order to configure and expand the repository. This functionality is rounded up with extensive rights management that provides each user with precisely the information needed for his work - regardless of whether in small teams or organisation-wide infrastructures with several thousand workstations.

Access to all of your data

Cadenza can be configured to access all your data. Local smaller data stores are supported as well as larger central database and data warehouses. Since Cadenza is format-independent, you can access all of your data though Cadenza. Cadenza relies directly on your data infrastructure (databases, GIS, file-based data stocks, services) and supports all common databases from Oracle or SAP Hana to PostgreSQL and MySQL, as well as all common geodata databases, OGC services and GIS data formats.

Edit data easily

In addition to data analysis and visualization Cadenza offers also all necessary data capturing and editing capabilities. It is additionally possible to create specialised land registers for editing attributes of geodata via integrated GIS scripting. Configured once, these land registers are available directly and without adaptation to Cadenza Desktop, Cadenza Web and Cadenza Mobile. In addition, Cadenza has its own programming interface (API) with which it is possible to implement and integrate even more extensive specialised applications for desktop or Web. This way, specialised applications can take full advantage of Cadenza reporting and GIS functionality.


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