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Integrate Business Intelligence and Geo Analytics into your organization using Cadenza. As a software platform, Cadenza uniquely combines the functionalities of a data analytics and reporting software with the functionalities of a Geospatial Information System (GIS). Filter, visualize and analyze all your data with the help of Cadenza and make it available across your entire organization. Easily create dynamically filterable dashboards via drag-and-drop. With its seamlessly integrated Geospatial Information System (GIS), Cadenza sets standards for data analysis – from detailed, print-ready information presented on maps and extensive functionality for Geo Analytics to the presentation of timelines on the map.

Filter, visualize, provide and understand all data. Because fact-based decisions are simply better.

Use Cadenza's workbooks to easily analyze your data.

Due to increasing digitalization, the amount and variety of data is steadily growing – this also applies to your organization. Make use of the wide array of available data with the help of Cadenza data analytics software. Whether it's data from custom applications and databases, sensors and machines (IoT), Social Media, acquired data, open spatial data such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) or official Open Data - transform available data into added value and use it throughout the organization as a sound basis for decision-making.

Wide-Ranging Benefits: Cadenza Data Analytics Platform

Data Discovery – Gain new explorative insights from data

Flexibly analyze data and combine it with your own data. Verify and falsify theories and better understand complex correlations and patterns in data. Gain new meaningful insights that you can use to quickly make informed decisions.

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Information Delivery – Providing information in a controlled way across the organization

Flexibly analyze and filter your data, present them in tables, charts, maps and dynamic dashboards, and publish them in automated, time- or event-driven reports. Grant user rights and provide quality assured and curated content to the entire organization.

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Geo Analytics – Discover spatial and temporal correlations

Analyze your data in the map for an enhanced overview. Geocode required data or display them on the map as a heat map, in clusters or pie charts. Filter your spatially visualized content as needed. Combine spatial and temporal aspects and use the time slider animation.

Geo-Analytics >

Geospatial Information System – Using map visualizations and GIS functions

Capture and edit spatial data extensively and professionally. Integrate spatial databases and spatial data services and quickly publish your information via Web GIS and geoportals. Create and print individual maps. Available as Desktop GIS, Web GIS & Mobile GIS.

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Embedded Analytics – Extending custom applications and portals

Enrich your custom applications and web portals with powerful and extensive functions for data analysis, map presentation or reporting. Visualize maps and features in the custom application and use GIS data capture for web applications and apps.

Embedded Analytics >

Data Analysis Platform – Organization-Wide Operation

Define your configuration and administration. Benefit from the support of a wide range of databases, spatial formats and comprehensive rights management. Take advantage of logging and monitoring capabilities designed for large, security-conscious organizations.

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Collaboration and On-Demand Access - A data analytics tool for your entire organization

A single data analysis tool for your entire organization – collaboration and on-demand access

Facilitate organization-wide and interdisciplinary collaboration with Cadenza. Provide individually customized access to Cadenza for every employee in your organization. Be it the data consumer, who receives information (Information Delivery) or who filters curated content for his or her tasks (Data Filtering), the in-depth data user, who provides new presentations, reports and dashboards in ad-hoc reporting to third parties, or the data analyst, who flexibly analyzes data as a self-service task and along several dimensions in order to identify and understand new correlations (Data Discovery). Analyze all kinds of data, such as custom data from databases, spatial data or even time series from sensor data. 

Extended analysis options with individual, dynamically filterable dashboards

Use Cadenza's workbooks to easily analyze your data in ad hoc self-service. Intuitively drag-and-drop your key figures and dimensions from the data browser into your workspace. Afterwards you determine the visualization type with just one click.

Tables, charts, maps, indicators or simple texts and images: Create your individual dashboard within minutes, filter it dynamically and share it with your co-workers.

What our customers say

"Cadenza is the central tool for accessing our statewide data infrastructure. Meanwhile, more than 900 TLUG (Thuringian State Institute for Environment and Geology) employees and another 50 authorities have opted for this advanced software solution. We also operate several expert portals which are available to the public. We were impressed by the open format and the option of being able to evaluate both spatial data and attribute data with one single software tool. Our users are very pleased with the operational simplicity of this system. Flexible configuration features facilitate system operation and allow fast response to new or changing requirements."

Denis Kalemba, Head of Information and Communication Technology Division at Thuringian State Institute for Environment and Geology (TLUG)

Typical business intelligence requirements for data analysis software

Self-Service Data Discovery and Data Visualization

Create Interactive Dashboards

Whether you need curated data from custom systems and spatial databases or your own Excel files and spatial data – with the data analytics software Cadenza you can easily and quickly visualize, combine and evaluate your entire data pool to identify new correlations and prepare for the necessary decision making. For quick answers you can dive deep into the details of your data or just take a look at the big picture.

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Create your own interactive dashboards quickly and easily using workbooks in the Cadenza data analysis software. By dynamically adapting all content to your filter settings, you can directly identify anomalies, search for patterns and correlations, get to the bottom of the causes and initiate any necessary measures. With Cadenza, dashboards become the basis for making solid, data-driven decisions.

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Create and Share Automated Reports Across the Organization

Understanding Spatial and Temporal Correlations with Geo Analytics

Design, publish and share informative and visually appealing reports in common formats, such as Microsoft Office® or as pixel-perfect PDF files. All your previously created maps, charts and tables can be inserted directly into your individual reports. Schedule automated reports: specify the recipients and dispatch frequency with the integrated Report Scheduler, which even takes defined events into account.  

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Look at the digital map to see where and when something is happening: Visualize the required data on the map and load additional POIs. Use various Geo Analytics functions such as routing or buffering. The data analytics software Cadenza sets new standards in the field of spatial analysis featuring Location Intelligence and Pattern Monitoring.

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