Cadenza Platform

Cadenza Platform

Cadenza is the software platform for data analysis, reporting and GIS – across all of your organisation’s data and user groups. Cadenza supports individual specialist departments’ needs as well as complete organisation-wide solutions regarding specialist data, master data, sensor data and even spatial data.

Cadenza Platform offers you and your employees multiple points of access – for desktop, web, smartphones and tablets – that meet the requirements of different user groups. Central configuration and user management ensure that each employee and external user receives precisely the data and analysis functions he or she needs.

Four Access Points to all Data

Cadenza Desktop helps experienced professional users and data analysts in their day-to-day data work. At the same time it assists data editors and administrators managing access to the data. Cadenza Web is optimised for use by decision-makers, external employees or occasional users who can access data, analyses, maps and reports directly via their browsers. Cadenza Mobile enables you to take spatial data with you on your tablet or smartphone (iPad, Android) and process it both online and offline. Finally, all reports and analyses can be made available for third-party applications and portals via service interface.

Central Management of Data, Analyses, Maps and Reports

The heart of the Cadenza platform is a central, standardized configuration system: As an analysis and map index, the repository forms the core of the Cadenza platform for all users and access points. This is where all the required data are registered by the system, search forms configured and all reports and analyses saved as templates for direct use.

Cadenza Desktop provides application support staff and administrators with easy-to-use design tools for configuring and expanding the repository – alone or or as a team – as well as for setting access rights for third parties.

This enables you to centrally determine who can access which data while at the same time providing technical support personnel with the flexibility you need for your daily analyses and reporting duties.


Access to all your Data

Your data from different systems is the basis for all data analysis processes and visualisations. These data records are often located in individual technical systems or have already been merged in a central analysis database (data warehouse). With Cadenza Platform you access all your stored data, regardless of the data format. Cadenza anchors directly onto your data infrastructure (databases, GIS server, file-based data inventory or services) and supports all commonly used databases, from Oracle to PostgreSQL, as well as all commonly used spatial databases, OGC services and GIS data formats.

Central Administration of Roles and Rights

As an administrator, you make sure that all users have access to the required data and analyses. You determine in detail who may see and use specific data and analyses. Cadenza Platform’s user administration system serves several thousand workplaces without violating your organisation’s data privacy concept. Our user administration supports single sign-on, LDAP and Active Directory and offers a comprehensive role and group concept, down to the level of individual data sets and attributes. User management has also been specially designed to handle requirements arising from organisation-wide infrastructures with several hundred or thousand workplaces and complex organisational structures.


Overview. All over. Over all.

Cadenza is the perfect software solution for integrated analysis, visualisation and distribution of data. It is the only tool available on the market that merges data analytics, reporting and spatial information seamlessly on one software platform.

Easy handling, a variety of  functions, extensive users management and simplicity of configuration have made Cadenza one of the most popular tools on many thousands of workstations. On the desktop, on the web or when you’re on the road.