Cadenza Services

Cadenza aims to integrate seamlessly into existing data infrastructures. Cadenza Services provides the technical interface with which you can easily integrate all analyses and presentations into other applications and portals. Portal or specialist application users have seamless access to current data, analyses and reports that were created flexibly and without programming using Cadenza Desktop.

Cadenza Server

Cadenza Server provides the interfaces for accessing Cadenza filter forms, analyses, maps, charts and reports. All data views  defined can be accessed from external applications and portals with parameters.

Cadenza Server also offers specific services for spatial data processing. Standardized service interfaces defined by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), such as Web Map Service (WMS) or Web Processing Service (WPS), are provided directly by Cadenza Server.

The advantage is obvious: Users of portals or specialist applications do not have to use another application to access certain analyses and reports, but can do so in their familiar environment. Additionally, enterprise portals are enriched with direct views of current data and maps