Cadenza Web

Tools for data analysis and visualisation are required at every workstation by now. Whether via current and pre-defined reports, individual data filters, flexible charts or meaningful maps: Cadenza Web stands for easy access to all  of your organisation’s data. As part of Cadenza Platform, Cadenza Web provides the most important data analysis, reporting and GIS functions via browser on the Internet or Intranet.

Data Analysis on the Web

Enable all your employees to filter, analyse and display data directly in the browser. With Cadenza Web, they access, explore and evaluate all data of your organisation – secured by appropriate user user management settings. Dynamic and context-sensitive filters guide them through the data during analysis.Use various display options that Cadenza Web offers you for the visualisation of subject-related, spatial and temporal interrelations.

Organisation-wide Data Portal

Organisation-wide data exchange requires uniform access to harmonised data. With Cadenza Web, all your staff members can search flexibly for current data and summarise the data in meaningful maps, charts and reports - without much training effort. Your department’s or organisation’s data is sorted by topic and made available via a modern web interface while always taking into account the corresponding rights. Decision-makers and users receive exactly the information they need. This increases productivity, saves time for the actual tasks and ensures a fast flow of information within your organisation. 

Reporting Requirements, INSPIRE and Open Data

Be it legal requirements related to INSPIRE, the Environmental Information Act, Open Data, other guidelines or just the administration’s efforts to ensure transparent data management: Cadenza Web is the perfect tool to quickly make up-to-date data, charts and maps available to the public. It is also the ideal solution for external engineering offices that require current measurement series or maps.