Embedd Analytics, Reports and GIS Functions to Custom Applications and Web Portals

Integrate interactive widgets for data analysis or with map presentations directly into your custom applications or web portals. Take advantage of disy Cadenza's custom application framework and seamlessly extend custom applications with powerful data analysis, reporting, and GIS capabilities. Develop custom applications for smartphones and tablets as native apps with full GIS functionality, even for offline use in the field. Benefit from cross-sectional services for reporting, analytics and GIS to improve efficiency throughout your organization.

Efficiently Enhance Custom Applications by Adding GIS and Analytics Features

Efficiently Enhancing Custom Applications by Adding GIS and Analytics Features

Extend your custom applications with GIS or analysis functions without having to re-implement them. Display custom application's current data or enable expert users to enter additional points, lines or polygons along with technical data. Be it individual features or the full range of functions: You can quickly scale up your custom application with comprehensive disy Cadenza functions. Compared to customized solutions you can save enormously by cutting development and maintenance costs.

Provide Interdisciplinary Cross-Sectional Services for GIS, Reporting and Data Analysis

Providing Interdisciplinary Cross-Sectional Services for GIS, Reporting and Data Analysis

Expect the same high level of quality for all analysis and GIS functions – across all your custom applications. Reduce the amount of training and ensure that all custom applications used internally are configured with the same basic functional modules and can be operated uniformly. Reduce your applications' operational costs by using uniform components and data for the provision of cross-sectional services for GIS and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) as well as for reporting and data analysis.

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Embedd Interactive Maps and Charts in Web Portals

Provide users with data visualizations where needed and ensure immediate interaction with current data on the Intranet or Internet. Enrich your website content with charts containing data from live systems. Embed interactive maps with additional current technical information or current movement data in your portal to illustrate the items discussed in the text. 

Embedd GIS Functions in Custom Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

Add useful GIS functions to extend your native apps for iOS or Android: disy Cadenza Maps provides you with a library that enables you to develop professional GIS custom applications. Prepare maps and GIS functions for later offline usage and digitization, for example in areas with poor network coverage. Another convenient option for your field staff: your custom application's features can be immediately displayed on the map. Additionally, you may add notes and comments in the form of drawings to the map or create new objects using point, line or polygon geometry without leaving the custom application. disy Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go's whole range of functions is available for the development of custom applications via disy Cadenza Maps.

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