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Promote data-driven decision making at all levels of your organization. disy Cadenza, the data analysis and business intelligence software, uses powerful functions to accelerate your digital transformation. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of the extensive data analysis and display options; as table, chart or map in customizable dashboards including automated reporting. The unique combination of business and location intelligence makes disy Cadenza the no. 1 data analysis software for public administration.

Well-informed decisions with the support of data analysis software

Well-informed decisions are based on insights that are founded on reliable data. The disy Cadenza data analysis software will help you bring versatility to your data analyses using modern analysis methods and data visualizations as table, chart or even on a map. This means that you can see things from different perspectives in order to obtain the relevant information: intuitively, cleverly and with data visualization suggestions. Thanks to its customizable dashboard, you will always have the facts and figures that you need right at hand. This information base puts you in the perfect position to make data-supported and well-informed decisions.

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This is what the disy Cadenza data analysis software can do for your organization

Data Discovery - explore and gain new insights from data

Create versatile analyses of existing data and combine these with the additional data you have loaded to the system. Better understand multi-layered relationships and patterns in your data. Gain new meaningful insights which will enable you to quickly make well-informed decisions.

Data Discovery >

Information delivery - deliver information across the organization

There are no limits to your data research and filter options: display them in tables, charts, maps and in dynamic dashboards and summarize your insights in automated, time or event-controlled reports. Assign user rights and deliver quality-assured and curated content to the whole of the organization.

Information Delivery >

Geo-Analytics – spatial and temporal relationships

Visualize and analyze your data for an even better overview on the map, for example as heat map or cluster. Data without a spatial reference can be displayed and analyzed on the map using integrated geocoding functions. Filter your spatial visualizations however you want. Combine spatial and temporal aspects and animate them across the course of time.

Geo-Analytics >

Geographic information systems – using GIS functions

Enter and process spatial data: comprehensively and professionally. Integrate spatial databases and spatial services and quickly deliver your information via Web-GIS and spatial portals. Create and print individual maps. Available as Desktop GIS, Web GIS or mobile GIS

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Embedded analytics – extending specialist applications and web portalsEmbedded Analytics – Fachanwendungen und Web-Portale erweitern

Make use of the data analysis and visualization possibilities as well as reporting - right in your usual working environment. Your specialist applications and web portals can be enriched by disy Cadenza to include powerful functions; even with GIS. Or use your application directly in disy Cadenza itself!

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One platform – used throughout the organization

Profit from the support of a wide range of databases, spatial data formats as well as from extensive access and rights management. Use the logging and monitoring functions which are entirely designed for the requirements of major security-conscious organizations. Software made in Germany!

Platform for the whole organization >

Get a full overview from the dashboard

Compile your own individual and interactive dashboard in just a few minutes: with tables, charts, maps, indicators or with images and texts. New filters are quickly set. All analyses and visualizations automatically adjust to the new query. Use the intuitive drag and drop function to add new data to your analysis and decide in just one click what the desired visualization should look like. The Self-Service function allows you to add your own data to the dashboard when needed. With this abundance of possibilities, disy Cadenza will give you the full overview of your facts and figures that you require.

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A data analysis software for all the employees at your organization

Give all the employees at your organization their individual personalized access to disy Cadenza: From those who only consume data, who receive information or filter curated content (Information Delivery), to those who extensively use data, who create new displays, reports or dashboards when needed and deliver them to others; right up to those who analyze data, who create versatile analyses in the Self-Service function and across several dimensions in order to discover and understand new relationships (Data Discovery). You can analyze all kinds of data, for example specialist data from the database, spatial data or also time series from sensor data.

„disy Cadenza is the primary tool for access to our nationwide data infrastructure. Over 900 employees currently use the software at TLUG and 50 more authorities. We also operate several specialist portals which are available to the public. We were impressed by the open format and the option of being able to evaluate both spatial data and attribute data with one single software tool. Our users particularly like the fact that it is so simple to operate. Flexible configuration options facilitate system operation and allow fast response to new or changing requirements.”

Denis Kalemba, Head of the Division Zentrale IuK, (Thuringian Regional Office for the Environment and Geology, TLUG)

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Modern data analysis software for more business intelligence

Self-Service Data Discovery and Data Visualization

Collaborative data evaluation

Whether curated data from specialist systems or your own Excel files and spatial data – with the disy Cadenza data analysis software you can quickly and easily visualize your entire data records. Combine and analyze them in order to discover new relationships and prepare for decision-making. For fast answers you can examine the minute details of your data or simply take a look at the bigger picture.

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Organizing learning processes as teamwork can be the key to success. That's why disy Cadenza also offers functions for collaborative data analysis in a team. All the available information together with the analyses which are based on it as well as results can be shared, jointly analyzed and evaluated in the dashboard. This means that the expertise of all team members can be included in the analysis. In addition, every authorized employee can load up-to-date data to disy Cadenza, thus enriching the analysis.

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Create automated reports and distribute them across the company

Location intelligence for your organization

Design, publish and share informative and visually appealing reports in common formats such as Microsoft Office® or as pixel-perfect PDF files. All maps, charts and tables you created can be inserted directly into your individual reports. Schedule automated reporting: Schedule recipients and dispatch frequency with the integrated Report Scheduler, which even takes defined events into account.

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See where and when everything happens: Your data can show you right on the map. disy Cadenza’s comprehensive spatial analysis functionalities are ready for your Geo-Analytics evaluations. In addition, you can also add further spatial data which are relevant to you, such as points of interest. With Location Intelligence, disy Cadenza has set the bar as data analysis software in the field of spatial analysis.

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