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Take advantage of the powerful GIS functions to create interactive maps from different sources. After editing they are processed in thematic maps and displayed and printed in a visually appealing and technically correct way. Whether as Desktop GIS, Web GIS or native GIS app for smartphones and tablets, disy Cadenza is all in one: a Web GIS optimized for professional spatial data infrastructures, a Mobile GIS for offline visualization and collection of spatial data in the field, and a Desktop GIS with easy-to-use GIS functions for digitization and spatial data processing. Use, capture and edit centrally configured spatial data, services and map presentations across all access points – uniform in appearance and consistent as Desktop GIS, Web GIS or Mobile GIS.


Quickly Provide Information via Web GIS and Geospatial Portals

Use disy Cadenza as an information delivery platform for spatial data to quickly and efficiently deliver all of your organization's spatial data and services via browser. Simply configure comprehensive Web GIS solutions and geospatial portals for your entire organization. Or enrich existing portals and web services selectively with interactive map information. Let your entire staff benefit from the unique range of functionalities, enabling them to filter attribute data directly on the map or run spatial analyses.

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Create and Print Detailed and Expressive Maps

Create detailed thematic maps based on current data and save them as accurately scaled PDF files, or image files for MS Word or PowerPoint. Create your own print layout – design and save templates for yourself or third parties or plot professional DIN A0 maps.

Easily Find Locations and Layers

The individually configurable Location Finder (Gazetteer) lets you quickly find a specific location or feature by name, labeling or just a coordinate. Use the powerful multi-geometry intersection feature to instantly find all features in the vicinity or within a certain radius of a specific feature or area on the map.

Integrate Additional Spatial Databases and Data Services into Analyses at any Time

Add new data to your analyses and visualizations, quickly and reliably at any time: Load spatial data from files, such as shapefiles or GPX files, or connect directly to spatial databases, such as Oracle Locator/Spatial or PostgreSQL/PostGIS. Use external services such as WMS, WFS or ArcGIS Server via REST interface to display additional layers as background or to flexibly enrich your data.

Capture and Edit Spatial Data Professionally

Digitize new technical data with geometries and attributes or edit existing spatial data for your tasks – in Desktop GIS, Web GIS or Mobile GIS. Make use of the extensive processing functions and land registries with predefined key lists and automatic plausibility checks throughout the process – regardless of whether your spatial data is stored in the file system as a shapefile, is professionally managed in a spatial database such as Oracle Locator/Spatial, PostgreSQL/PostGIS SAP HANA Spatial or SQLite/SpatiaLite, or is provided via spatial data service such as WFS-T or ArcGIS Server with ArcGIS REST API.

Use Your Mobile GIS Application Online and Offline

Use your maps online or simply take them with you in offline mode. Capture your data on the go via tablet or use the GIS app on your smartphone to correct or collect data in the field without an Internet connection (offline). Document the conditions on site by shooting photos or videos and adding the image material to your digital map. Online. Offline. Anywhere.

Embedd GIS Functions in Custom Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

Embedded GIS Functions in Mobile Devices

Add useful GIS functions to extend your native apps for iOS or Android: disy Cadenza Maps provides you with a library that enables you to develop professional GIS custom applications. Prepare maps and GIS functions for later offline usage and digitization, for example in areas with poor network coverage. Another convenient option for your field staff: your custom application's features can be immediately displayed on the map. Additionally, you may add notes and comments in the form of drawings to the map or create new objects using point, line or polygon geometry without leaving the custom application. disy Cadenza Mobile GIS 2go's whole range of functions is available for the development of custom applications via disy Cadenza Maps.

Work Independently Using the Desktop GIS or Make Spatial Information Available Across the Entire Organization

disy Cadenza's Desktop GIS allows you to make use of the full range of GIS functions - all this can be done conveniently from your workstation. Access your spatial data locally or use other spatial databases and data services. Edit them with easy-to-use digitizing functions such as snapping, selection from another layer or dynamic adjustment of the map section. As a spatial data content manager, you can professionally prepare maps and distribute them with a simple mouse click, taking into account access rights for all your staff members.

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