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Real Spatial-ETL with GeoSpatial Integration for Talend

With its new 'GeoSpatial Integration for Talend’ solution, Disy offers a powerful add-on software program enhancing the world’s leading ETL tool by Talend. It opens up a whole new world of data extraction, transformation and loading possibilities by combining attribute and spatial data. Benefit from the full Talend functionality complemented by geo-spatial components.

Opt for this lightweight extension to efficiently and effectively

  • transform
  • convert
  • edit and
  • enrich

your spatial data together with alphanumeric data..

Perform extensive spatial operations while integrating your attribute data and linking external processes. Take advantage of specific operations that enable you to generate, manipulate and transform spatial data. These operations can be executed as Routines or used as Components.

Leading spatial data sources supported
Regardless of whether you use PostGIS, Shapefile, Oracle Locator and Spatial or SpatiaLite, GeoSpatial Integration’s input and output components support all types of databases.

Efficient data bridges
In combination with the Talend Data Integration software, GeoSpatial Integration identifies the data type “geometry”, allowing for operations on geometry objects. 'Union', 'Intersect', 'Is equal to’ – all these operations, in particular those that involve large amounts of data, require smooth and expeditious processing.

Talend Data Integration: Faster development and implementation of data integration
Easy-to-use graphic tools and wizards as well as multiple connectors help you connect natively to databases, flat-file systems and cloud-based applications in no time at all. Both simple, one-time ETL software projects and complex, long-term data synchronization projects with a large amount of jobs can be easily managed and monitored. A common repository with versioning and continuous delivery capabilities help improve productivity and collaboration..

The Disy plug-in is compatible with all Talend software versions.

Free Demo version
Using the GeoSpatial Integration Connector with Talend Open Studio, Disy provides a software version that can be used in smaller environments and that is free of charge.

Public administrations, organisations and companies who want to use the solution in productive systems, in combination with Talend Data Integration or the Talend Data Management Platform, a yearly abo (subscription) for professional support and additional functionalities regarding data quality, visualisation and more is available. For licence inquiries please contact us.

GeoSpatial Integration for Talend

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Talend Open Studio

for Data Integration

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