GeoSpatial Integration for Talend

Automated workflows on an integrated platform

According to Gartner and Forrester Research, Talend is the world's leading data integration platform and the only open source tool available. Discover its automation potential.

Integrated data flows for data warehouse and ETL

Precise automated processing and integrated data management are of particular importance for the implementation of ETL/ELT processes and data warehouse solutions.

Automated workflows on an integrated platform: Use Talend-Plattform and GeoSpatial Integration for Talend. Discover its automation potential.

Talend features a graphical interface that offers users the most direct and accessible control, and therefore effectively supports data integrators and data analysts involved in the design and creation of data flows. Even very extensive data processing jobs can be created by drag and drop.

In addition to its easy-to-use UI, it offers a variety of team-based collaboration functions, such as a shared repository, audit and job comparison, impact analysis, debugging, process tuning, versioning and automatic generation of documentation.

Harness the benefits of the Talend platform to enhance your spatial data

For the operation, the platform provides a wide range of features – from administration to monitoring, such as high availability and load balancing, a deployment manager, user administration, execution planning, introduction of checkpoints and troubleshooting, activity monitoring and a log server with its own dashboard.

This way, you will always keep track of the current processes and the data processing status. Thanks to Disy’s GeoSpatial Integration tool, these special Talend features are now also available for spatial data processing.g.

An integrated environment for greater scalability

Use all Talend apps, including the additional components for spatial data processing, from a single interface. Centralized data pipelines and projects provide greater process control and consistency.

Native code generation for superior performance

Generate optimized code natively (Java/Spark/SQL) and run it in parallel on your servers or in the cloud in a highly scalable way.

Superior data quality

Automate data quality and data governance. Trace data back to its source and automatically profile and document your metadata. Define data quality rules and have the data checked or even automatically corrected based on these rules.

Integration of all your data

With over 900 pre-built Talend components and additional spatial modules provided by Disy, Talend lets you run and manage thousands of ETL jobs covering your entire data landscape and connect natively to databases, flat files, cloud-based applications, etc.

Faster data provision

Thanks to a user-friendly point-and-click interface, even spatial data integration jobs can be developed and implemented much faster compared to manual programming.

A single platform for individual projects

The Talend platform together with GeoSpatial Integration for Talend integrates seamlessly into your existing environment and grows with your projects at predictable costs.

Improved productivity

Easy-to-use graphic tools and wizards as well as multiple connectors help you connect natively to databases, flat file systems and cloud-based applications in no time at all. Both simple, one-time ETL or spatial ETL projects and complex, long-term data synchronization projects with a large amount of jobs can be easily managed and monitored. A common Repository with versioning and continuous delivery capabilities helps improve productivity and collaboration.


Disy is Talend Gold Partner and
Value-added Reseller (VAR)

Being a Talend Gold Partner, we supply authorities and large organizations with the advantages of state-of-the-art technology coupled with our special knowledge: As a Talend system integrator and value-added reseller, we provide expert advise regarding product selection, modeling of ETL processes and data integration. We implement complete projects setting up Data Warehouses, Master Data Management, etc.

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