GeoSpatial Integration for Talend

The Spatial ETL Tool for Talend

Enrich. Calculate. Edit. All in one.

With its new 'GeoSpatial Integration for Talend’ solution, Disy offers a powerful software add-on enhancing the world’s leading ETL tool by Talend. It opens up an entirelynew world regarding data extraction, transformation and loading by combining attribute and spatial data. Benefit from the full Talend functionality complemented by GeoSpatial components.

Opt for this lightweight extension to efficiently and effectively

  • transform
  • convert
  • edit and
  • enrich

your spatial data together with alphanumeric data.

Perform extensive spatial operations while integrating your attribute data and linking external processes. Take advantage of specific operations that enable you to generate, manipulate and transform spatial data. These operations can be executed as Routines or used as Components.

Leading Spatial Data Sources supported

Regardless of whether you use PostGIS, Shapefile, Oracle Locator and Spatial or SpatiaLite, GeoSpatial Integration’s input and output components support all types of databases.


Efficient Data Bridges

In combination with the Talend Data Integration software, GeoSpatial Integration identifies the ‘geometry’ data type, allowing for operations on geometry objects. 'Union', 'Intersect', 'Is equal to’ – all these operations, in particular those involving large amounts of data, require smooth and expeditious processing.