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We are glad to see that you are interested in our “Gis2Go” app and we would like to elucidate how we collect, process and use your personal information by means of this data protection declaration. We define personal information as data, which gives clear information about the identity of the user, like the name and surname, address, telephone number or e-mail address.

Responsibility for Data Collection and Processing
The Disy Informationssysteme GmbH collects and processes your personal data as the responsible authority.

For technical reasons an ID is generated on your device with the first invoking after every installation. We require this ID solely to verify the number of simultaneous use of the app within one account and by this the intended use. Fundamentally, you may use the app via an anonymous demo account, which is free of charge. Conclusions about the respective user or device are not possible. The range of functions of the app can be expanded by the purchase of various packages on the “Gis2Go” platform. In this case, there is a different number of IDs, which may be assigned to an account; a conclusion to the respectively used device or user is not possible. Within the app, there is no data deposited for the execution of a contractual agreement.

Audio, Video and Visual Information
You may collect, edit and delete notes on geographical places within the app. Depending on the configuration you may add new geographical objects to individual map layers or edit existing objects of the map layer. You may store audio, video and visual information in the course of the collection and editing of notes and also in the course of the collection and editing of objects in the map layers. This functionality is only available, if you agree to it during the installation or the first use.

GPS Data
You may display your current location within the map by means of GPS, mobile phone network respectively wireless network, if you desire. In addition you may use to current location to add or edit notes within a map or to add new objects to individual map layers, depending on the configuration. You may also expand existing objects of a map layer by audio, video and visual information, if the circumstances require. Any exceeding use does not take place.

Data Export
Provided that you purchased a package and own an account you may upload notes, including audio, video and visual information and also new or edited objects from map layers and GPS data, on a mobile server.

During the uninstalling of the app on iOS devices all data is deleted. During the uninstalling of the app on Android devices all application data is deleted. The data, which is stored in the memory of the Android device, may be deleted by using the device’s internal delete function. We delete your data from the mobile server 30 days after the expiry of the temporal right of use of the purchased package. In case of an extension of the temporal right of use of the package your information is immediately available again.

We do not collect any personal information of underage persons. In the case of unknowingly collected information, we will delete it immediately.

Technical and Organizational Measures
We protect your information by using usual technical and organizational security measures against loss, modification or unauthorized access. These procedures are continuously adapted to the technical developments.

Right to Information
Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions and/or comments to your stored personal information.

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