GIS 2go – Mobile GIS for Smartphones and Tablets

GIS 2go is the easiest way to take your own maps from ArcGIS for Desktop with you while on the go, using the GIS app Cadenza Mobile for smartphones and tablets.

Our ‘GIS2go’ add-on for ArcGIS Desktop manages everything for you – from data selection and export to data re-import via cloud. When using ‘Cadenza Mobile’ GIS app on your tablet or smartsphone, you have immediate access to your maps, including all spatial and attribute data – even if there is no data connection. Geometries, attributes as well as graphic notes and media you have created on the go can later be imported into ArcGIS Desktop.

Just 4 Steps to Mobile Maps

1. Set up and Log in

Download ‘Cadenza Mobile NG’ app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Download GIS 2go add-in and install it in ArcGIS Desktop. Create an account for Cadenza Mobile NG.

Test the full scope of functions by using ourfree demo account with a storage capacity of up to 500 MB for your maps. For requesting a demo account on our server, please sende an e-mail to


2. Create and Upload Mobile Map

Go to ArcGIS Desktop and select the map section that is relevant to your map. Use the add-in to export the map layers that you want to use while on the go.

The add-in automatically uploads the generated mobile map to the cloud. You can then use the app to load the map to your mobile device.


3. View Map and Make Notes

Once loaded to the app, you will always have access to your maps – even offline. You may interactively navigate in the map and show object attributes.

While on the move, you may add points, lines and polygons using the graphic notebook and complement them with photos or a comment.

Best of all, with the add-in you can easily import your notes back into ArcGIS Desktop.

4. GIS 2go

Would you like to use our solution productively or provide several users with your maps?

Simply click here to select one of our packages that perfectly meet your requirements – as a monthly or yearly subscription.



Create and Manage Mobile Maps

  • Create mobile maps from ArcGIS maps
  • Select a map section, layer and scale range
  • Determine editing options for layers on the tablet
  • Manage the mobile maps provided in the cloud
  • Import notes created with a portable device into ArcGIS map


Media and Document Management

  • Display media and documents linked to map objects on the desktop
  • Allocate media and documents to map objects


Mobile Specialised Map

  • Provide any number of maps; limited by device memory capacity only
  • Zoom and move with touch gestures
  • Use the compass function
  • Move to the current location via GPS
  • Request and edit attribute data on map objects
  • View and edit map object-related documents and media files
  • Show and hide map layers
  • Delete map layers or adding them from other maps
  • Determine the direction and distance to a specific destination


Graphic Notebook

  • Add text notes to the map
  • Capture available point, line or polygon objects on the map
  • Describe graphic elements using object data
  • Make pictures and allocate them to map objects
  • Export graphic notes to the desktop map

Mobile Land Register (GIS Processing)

  • Process geometries
  • Check mandatory fields
  • Consider attribute sequence and visibility
  • Display attribute pre-setting
  • Select values from key lists