Get started within a few days - introduce Cadenza quickly and effectively

Cadenza is a software platform allowing you to obtain meaningful results in no time at all. In regard to installation, system support and training we deliver continuous support that fits your needs, ensuring you quickly achieve your goals. Within a few days we will provide a test environment and assist you in integrating your data for testing purposes.  Data of various types are made available to all users as specified in the configuration – in no time!

Diverse Data and Manifold Options

Disy also assists in correlating new and existing data: due to open interfaces, official, open and commercial databases can be integrated seamlessly,. We will gladly advise you on the wide range of solutions and help you acquire and integrate your data into Cadenza, creating the basis for completely new reports and insights. Moreover, we support you with the roll-out and transition into productive operation.

We ensure efficient introduction of Cadenza through target group-specific training programmes and workshops covering configuration, administration and operation of Cadenza. Depending on the roles of your staff members, we offer specific seminars for administrators, application managers and professional users to familiarise them with Cadenza’s range of functionalities.

Our support goes far beyond the installation of Cadenza: regular updates, new features and enhancements provided on an annual basis and support by email and phone ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.