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Database consulting, database development and ETL data integration

Efficient data management relies on cleanly-conceived and implemented data storage. In the course of our consulting services, we generally find specialist databases, spatial data servers and stored files that have grown over the years. Customers often ask us how to proceed in terms of data processing and integration, how to connect databases and link existing ones to new spatial data servers, how to optimise databases. Based on our extensive know-how and in-depth expertise, we assist our customers with the design and development of organisation-wide data infrastructures and data warehouses, with the integration of big data flows, automated merging of various individual databases and heterogeneous data sources.


Automated data flows – the next stage of your data infrastructure

Disy assists you in reaching the next stage of your data infrastructure by offering advice and practical support related to the creation of new databases as well as the re-organisation, extension and optimisation of existing databases. Particular emphasis is placed on the automation of data flows through ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) which enables you to access current, quality assured data even faster. By enriching your data with additional spatial data through geocoding or the integration of geo-spatial services, we integrate the “spatial component" into your data and transform your existing databases into spatial databases.

Big Data and Data Warehouse

We help you create evaluation databases and transform them into data warehouses (also supplemented by spatial data) and integrate your big data flows. You can draw on our profound expertise in this field. Experience and knowledge are key to success, in particular when it comes to the design of complex infrastructures. Disy will advise you with respect to the selection and structure of your database and assist you with their construction. We have a lot of experience with Oracle technologies and databases with Locator/Spatial, SAP HANA with Spatial Engine and PostgreSQL with PostGIS. Moreover, we are familiar with SQL Server, mySQL, Ingres and many other systems. Thanks to the intensive partnerships with Oracle and SAP, a quick exchange of information is assured so that the latest knowledge and suggestions can be exchanged and both sides can profit from these.

Modelling new data structures using Talend and FME

If you want to combine many individual databases and heterogeneous data sources, you will need a good design. Database schemas are mapped to each other, data types are converted and key lists are harmonised. Data scrubbing, data aggregation and quality assurance are required prior to dissemination or publication.
We assist you in modelling new data structures and designing automated data flows using ETL tools like Talend and FME. This also includes the integration of data from ESRI solutions. Depending on the application case, the customer situation and the requirements, the use of one of the two tools named above or possibly another tool may make sense – a combination is also possible. With our deep experience, we are in a position to advise you with respect to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual tools and to help you design an optimal data flow solution for your organisation and application case.

In all projects, in particular when dealing with complex issues, we attach great importance to good tool support and highly automated processes. Only then will it be possible to fill the evaluation databases and data warehouse systems automatically with the new data when updating primary data. We create detailed and easy-to-understand documentation of the integrated data flow processes so that you always have an overview of origin, preparation, up-to-dateness and quality of the data.

New Disy tool: Consistent processing of attribute and spatial data in Talend

With its new GeoSpatial Integration for Talend solution, Disy offers a powerful add-on software program enhancing the world’s leading ETL tool by Talend. It opens up a whole new world of data extraction, transformation and loading possibilities by combining attribute and spatial data. Benefit from the full Talend functionality complemented by geo-spatial components. Read more…


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