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Generating knowledge from spatial data

Future-oriented solutions to complex challenges

Spatial data involves a lot more than you can tell from looking at a map: Linked to appropriate business and specialist data, it can provide the right answers to many queries. Disy delivers the solutions you need to address complex issues. From consulting and infrastructure to software and services or as full service from a single source – we at Disy help you use and take advantage of large volumes of high velocity, complex and variable data, regardless of whether you want to expand your data infrastructure or to create a new basis.

Cadenza: Configuration and training

Ready to accelerate

We will assist you with the installation and configuration of Cadenza based on your data, including integration into your database. Our training programmes are made to measure to fit your respective needs, enabling you to successfully cope with any future challenges.

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Database consulting, development and

ETL integration

We understand your complex challenges and assist you with database consulting and development, including fully automated data integration. Your benefit: Complex data can be harnessed effectively.

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Geo-enablement of your IT and

data landscape

The “spatial component” is key to leveraging the full potential of your specialist and business data. By means of geocoding and integration of additional spatial data and services we will open up new horizons for your business.

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Custom applications

For desktop, Web and mobile

Based on Cadenza – but also independent of this platform – Disy develops custom applications such as Web GIS, specialised portals, applications and mobile solutions.

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As a reliable partner, we help you expand and enhance your IT and data landscape by integrating spatial-relevant components and adjusting your data infrastructure and software. Our training programmes are designed to optimally prepare your team for their new tasks.

Disy’s GIS and reporting platform Cadenza is a standardised software that enables major organisations, to cope with their geo-specific challenges of today and tomorrow. Cadenza provides you with access to your data and helps you evaluate and visualise all results. Opting for software and services by Disy means to pave the way for value-added analysis and to generate forward-looking information and answers for your decision-making, information and reporting processes.


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