Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer protection is a highly diverse and complex area of responsibility: It ranges from food safety via agricultural market monitoring to animal health.

Regarding public consumer protection, the respective state offices play a central role in the coordination and implementation of legislation at state level. However they also act as a link to the federal and municipal levels. Solutions and products by Disy optimally meet the requirements of public consumer protection, particularly regarding the technical implementation of its legally anchored inspection, registration and reporting duties. 

Data Streams, Interfaces and Application Landscapes

Just a quick look at the food inspection network reveals: Its data flows are highly dynamic, permanent and reciprocal and range from business and product inspection data collected by the Office of Food Inspection and Veterinary Affairs at district level, via lab results of the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office of district governments, to action planning, evaluations and reporting obligations of the state offices for consumer protection or the Federal Institute for Consumer Protection and Food Safety. All this data flows between different application components used for recording, processing, analysis and reporting. Such a scenario requires highly sophisticated data storage systems and interfaces. This is where Disy has become a reliable and powerful partner for consumer protection agencies.

Evaluation and Reporting Platform for Consumer Protection

Consumer protection agencies value Cadenza as an analysis and reporting platform that meets their extensive reporting and analysis/evaluation requirements. For example, pesticide reports, genetic engineering reports and automated reports on federal and state investigation programmes can be created quickly and flexibly using Cadenza. Whether for regularly recurring evaluations and reports or for ad-hoc reporting, Cadenza has established itself as the optimal tool for flexible reporting in consumer protection.

Organising Data and Data Flows in Consumer Protection

Disy is familiar with and understands the data and data flows arising in consumer protection. We offer solutions for setting up evaluation databases or implementing accompanying ETL processes. Disy also develops individual solutions for central management components in consumer protection.


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