Inner Security

Keep the overview. In every situation.

Whether crime prevention, crime reduction, criminal prosecution or providing information for the public: Security agencies face major time-critical and data-intensive challenges on a daily basis.

Tasks such as information bundling and evaluation to create and share a perspective on a situation or include it in police crime statistics can be efficiently handled via integrated police information management system. All police staff, including management and IT, can benefit from the system.

Disy’s Cadenza platform provides security agencies with software that is tailored to their requirements and enables them to obtain an overview of all data and every situation.

Recognizing Interrelationships

Cadenza allows you to aggregate and merge all available individual data. All specialised databases can be queried simultaneously. Naturally, data protection laws are taken into account. This way, process and case data are linked and can be visualised on the map, together with other attribute and spatial data. As a result, neighbouring spatial relationships - including across databases – are made visible. External data, for example regarding sociodemography, transport, environment and weather, are centrally integrated.

The multitude of different data provides new insights that serve as a basis for strategic or tactical-operational decisions.

Generating Knowledge

Cadenza visualises information comprehensively, revealing interrelationships and dependencies in a compact way. Facts are quickly recognized on the basis of the generated charts, tables and visualisations on the map. The data query is so flexible that even ad-hoc data can be analysed, or reports generated. In addition, a temporal analysis of the data can be performed. The IBM i2 Analyst's Notebook interface will soon be available.

Sharing Information

For security agencies, the exchange of information between individual departments is important.  Set up individual reporting for all police departments and staff levels using Cadenza. The reports, including all evaluations, statistics and map images, can be generated automatically at a rotation period of your choice. This means consistent information containing a geographic or spatial reference is available throughout the organisation on every workstation, even in the field. Valuable working hours spent on routine tasks can be saved and invested in other tasks.

This is why opting for Disy and Cadenza is the right choice: Because every incident has a spatial reference

Every incident, every burglary and every crime against a person contains a spatial reference. This information plays an essential role in supporting security staff in their daily tasks. These may include creating situation images, compiling crime statistics, performing analyses based on data from telecommunications surveillance, deployment planning, monitoring of persons and objects: In all areas, spatial data can be combined with other data. Disy has been an expert in data analysis and reporting for over 20 years and specialises in spatial data. Our company is your partner of choice when you need expertise, a proven platform and security-checked staff who are familiar in dealing with authorities.

Special Features of our Platform:

  • Valuable information for your employees: clerks, field staff, analysts, management level
  • Comprehensive analytical tools for all data from any source
  • Extensive data search via user- definable filters
  • Clean and clear tables, charts, statistics
  • Automated and printable reports for each staff level
  • Platform neutrality regarding data type, interfaces, file formats
  • Excellent integration capability into existing security-critical IT environment.
  • Fine-grained user and permission handling  including access logging
  • IBM i2 Interface