„Happy 20th Birthday Disy!"

Happy 20th Birthday Disy!

"It has been 20 years of dedication and hard work in the making and what better way to celebrate such a huge milestone than with the most extravagant party yet - The Disy Summer Fest 2017. Disy spared no expenses this year in treating its employees and their families to an entire swimming facility of Cuppamare in Kuppenheim rented exclusively for them and the special evening. A never-ending cocktail service catered to the grown-ups, while the children were kept busy with fun-activities including bouncy-castles and games-corner. Let us not forget my personal favourites – the cotton-candy and crepe-stands. Even the weather joined in on the fun by remaining sunny, cool and breezy while a band of talented performers from South America played perfect songs to sway to.

The event was highlighted with the special musical performace by Disy's very own Ukulele band - AC Disy. New and familiar faces, merry conversations, good food, music and weather filled the entire evening. All in all, it was a perfect day to celebrate a perfect start to a bright and successful journey of Disy.“