Who we are – and why we fit together

Our passion is data with a spatial reference. But that’s not all we are. We want to make the world a little better with what we’re doing and advance economically relevant developments. That’s why we need motivated, creative people. Do you enjoy tackling technical challenges and using modern, pioneering technologies? With us you will have the chance to work on topics of particular relevance.

Your work will help create and preserve habitats.


There’s a lot of freedom with us. If you show initiative and you like moving outside your comfort zone to advance an idea, then you’ll be in the right place with us. You’ll grow into your tasks, regardless of your position. There will always be challenges and we will gladly give you responsibility if you want to make something happen. This is how you can design your career and work environment, for nothing is set in stone here. Working at Disy means that you can try things out and constantly develop in an extremely dynamic, inspirational environment. Take advantage of the wide range of opportunities for applying, sharing and expanding your knowledge. We will make sure that you will deal with challenging issues, develop your talents and realize your full potential. In your field of expertise and beyond.

The best working conditions

Picture: The best working conditions

We consider it our commitment to create the ideal work environment for every employee. Our coffee is really good, but we offer you much more than just flat-rate beverages and fresh fruit. Enjoy flexible working models, the option of working from home and other benefits. And if family issues require, you can just bring your children to the Disy playroom.

Only people who are happy can exploit their full potential. That’s why everyone should have the tools and conditions that will produce the best work. In addition to height-adjustable desks and beautiful facilities in our lovely office among other things, you can select your own operating system.

Of course, we know that work isn’t everything: Our sport and physical activity programs are ideal for creating balance. And "Moving Minds" was created so that you can get to know your colleagues outside of work if you'd like to do that.

Work and honest communication

Picture: Work and honest communication

We're all different and we cherish this variety. Nevertheless, we’re all working together, without an elbow mentality and always ensuring that communication is appreciative and goal-oriented. We encourage and make demands of one another constantly. You can assume responsibility without being left alone. And you’ll find colleagues with whom you can talk honestly, who will always provide you with new suggestions, inspire you, and with whom you can also laugh sometimes.

Our culture of trust and interaction where everybody feels good are especially important to us. Together, we want to grow and learn, and this only works in an open, appreciative work environment. That's why we avoid trench warfare and instead rely on honest, open communication and a culture of errors where everyone can grow. Conflicts are normal and unavoidable. A coach helps us look inward and constantly develop ourselves further.

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