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The creation, maintenance and expansion of infrastructure for people and the economy is one of the central tasks of an administration. It is closely linked to economic growth and rising prosperity.

High-speed rail connections between cities, air travel, growing private car traffic, the expansion of waterways and shipping or freight transport by truck are all part of our mobility lifestyle.

Disy’s comprehensive data infrastructures and data-based analyses and applications support authorities in meeting their reporting obligations, making decisions on transport and infrastructure or informing politicians, the economy and the public. We help with planning and decision-making based on a rock-solid data foundation.

Developing Complex Data Infrastructures

Developing Complex Data Infrastructures

As a rule, application-specific data is available from different data sources, in different formats and in various measuring units. In order for data to serve as a basis for decision-making in politics and business, it must be processed. However, data material obtained often contains gaps or complete data sets are missing. The integration of such data into a uniform data pool, the elimination of erroneous data and the automated processing of data contribute to expanding a technically and content-wise stringent data infrastructure.  It can then be used for analytical purposes. Disy develops the required ETL or ELT processes to clean up data and prepare it for further operation. Disy helps pave the way for authorities and companies to make well-founded, sustainable decisions.

Evaluating and Visualising Data

The public, transport companies, city planners or insurance companies need information they can base their planning and further project work on. Disy helps authorities and companies visualise existing data in the form of maps that include additional information, analyses and diagrams. These evaluations are then available as reports that can be automated and distributed, so that all stakeholders can be informed. This information can also be accessed via Intranet and Internet on special information platforms or via an individual information service. Disy designs modern web applications enabling the exchange of data and information – also among authorities.

Specialist Applications for Spatial Planning

Disy supports authorities in the development of specialist applications for spatial planning, central data documentation and administration. Staff members fulfil their reporting obligations and share information on specific areas with third parties, e.g. experts and planning offices. This way, e.g. all areas designated for measures compensating federal and state road construction can be documented and managed. Specialist applications also help avoid the double-use of land, as it cannot be used as a compensation area for several construction projects at the same time. OGC-compliant Web Map and Web Feature Services (WMS and WFS) enable access to cartographic data in other applications; as part of the spatial data infrastructure, this applies throughout agencies.

Noise Mapping Support

Disy supports authorities that need to respond to directives such as the EU Environmental Noise Directive. Our expertise lies in processing large amounts of complex data and in evaluating and providing quality-assured data for mathematical calculation models. Data obtained from multiple sources, in various formats, qualities and scales, are correlated and verified against each other, so that even extensive noise maps can be calculated.


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