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We are motivated by a passion for creating unique software with which knowledge can be acquired from data and illustratively visualized. Our goal: To provide the basis for optimum decision-making and for shaping sustainable solutions of societal relevance.

Inspiration, challenges and fun at (and after) work are an excellent combination.

We see that the use of spatial data and other data in all kinds of decision-making processes is only just at the beginning. The business intelligence and spatial information systems and solutions previously available on the market remain below what is technically feasible and necessary.

We draw our power from the conviction that a new kind of system and solution is needed to get closer to achieving this vision. So we are breaking new ground with our products and solutions, and we are delighted every time we expand the boundaries of what is possible for our customers.


Work isn’t everything. Here at Disy, people with a wide range of interests come together and inspire each other. For this reason, we created our Moving Minds program, for example, in which we offer all our colleagues the opportunity to further their personal development – without it necessarily having anything to do with their job. We also provide you with many more extra comforts from job bike to the value account. There is time set aside for professional training every month in the form of a “busman’s holiday”. You can find out what that is here and what other benefits Disy has waiting for you.

What we do

Picture: What we do

If you are looking for a job that gives you meaning, then you’re at the right place here. We work in fields of societal relevance and that, not least, is what drives us. After all, in particular in our everyday working life, there is hardly anything more important than self-efficacy. That is why we all pull together and are making the world a better place, bit by bit, with what we do. Find out here which specific areas motivate us.

How we work

Picture: How we work

Where people come together, there are often challenges. That’s why we maintain a leadership culture which is based on mutual respect and dialog and we deliberately avoid a fixed hierarchical way of thinking. At the same time, we expect a great amount of commitment and a willingness to exceed your boundaries together with us. Find out more about our leadership culture here and the specific working practices at Disy.

Our corporate culture

Picture: Our corporate culture

A company is more than the sum of its employees. We are authentic, communicate at eye-level and want to grow together, not only professionally. This involves being able to mutually challenge ourselves, to reach our limits together, and also to sometimes go beyond our comfort zone. But nobody is left alone in this. We exchange ideas, support each other, and ensure an atmosphere in which work is enjoyable – with many Benefits and without a culture of pushing and shoving. Together we bring the disy spirit to life. How? You can find out here.

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