How we work

We are convinced: The secret to successful cooperation is open dialog - the readiness to grow beyond yourself and to take on new challenges together.

Honest, direct communication, quick decision-making, open doors: So that unusual ideas are not strangled during the coordination processes.

Leadership – living our corporate culture

Picture: Leadership – living our corporate culture

We embody a culture of trust. Based on this, our internal and external relationships are designed for the long term: We want to grow and learn together, and this only works in an open, appreciative work environment. True team spirit forgoes the elbow mentality and instead relies on fairness, openness, and a healthy “error culture”. Because we're all human, a coach helps us design honest interpersonal relationships. For only people who are happy can exploit their full potential.

Designing mutually

Picture: Designing mutually

We want to make the things that move us happen. For this we need your knowledge, your commitment, and your will to assume responsibility. Together we will set challenging goals and help you achieve them. Regular reflection and feedback are a matter of course and help to enable productive teamwork.

What does this look like? For example, we offer you a forum for your creativity and desire to design through regular CTMs (an internal abbreviation for Cool-Topics-Marketplace), team meetings, and stand-ups. Weekly personal conversations with your team manager provide the necessary orientation, ensure that you’re all on the same page, and give you some freedom. The monthly get-together ensures the necessary transparency on all levels throughout our organization.

Good infrastructure combined with professional methods

Picture: Good infrastructure combined with professional methods

Continuous innovation

Our own core technology Cadenza provides the basis for our solutions. The focus of our work is on iterative, customer-driven enhancement. Here, we actively seek innovation. And we frequently go beyond the boundaries of what’s technically feasible while ensuring that new and old form a unit in order to create a stable overall system.

Our development approach

An important building block of our development culture is code reviews. Supported by modern tools, each new development and each change is subjected to a light review. Here the concern is not only to prevent bugs and achieve high code quality; we use this tool especially to spread knowledge and learn from one another.

Each bug triggers a root-cause analysis in order to determine the actual causes. Appropriate measures eliminate not just the symptom, they ensure the securing of our quality standards for the long term. We use many open source frameworks and libraries. Here it is important to us to give something back to the community in the form of bug fixes and improvements.

However, we evaluate our third-party dependencies continuously and change to newer approaches when that seems to make sense. We do not follow trends blindly or cling rigidly to the same procedures; instead, we serve ourselves from the “buffet” of possibilities and use only those approaches that have proven themselves and about which we feel good.

With true peer reviews, juniors learn from seniors, but also vice-versa

Freedom and challenges

Picture: Freedom and challenges

Our monthly training day gives us the time to experiment with new technologies and procedures. For this, we offer 12 days busman’s holiday (in German: “Aarlaubstage”) in order to explore alone or in groups what knowledge-hungry Disy employees always wanted to learn or try out.

Using our own products offers consultants, solution developers, and software architects great freedom in projects and maximum flexibility in designing customer solutions.

Commercial and open source databases are frequently exhausted down to the last bit and many tools for analysis, processing and researching attribute and spatial data are applied creatively. The consultants meet the exciting challenge of always feeling their way into new professional worlds and finding THE solution that provides maximum customer benefit - again and again.

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