Understand relationships, gain and explore new insights with Data Discovery

Gain and explore new insights from data and make fact-based decisions. Extend, filter and select data records according to your needs and delve deep into your data along several dimensions. Go on an expedition – a Data Discovery – within your data. Carry out analyses when needed and visually discover critical factors and irregularities. Identify outliers, relationships as well as patterns in your data and interactively design dashboards. Working together in a team, you will collectively gain decisive insights and recommendations for action.


Data discovery: Simply discover more

Analyze your key figures across several dimensions and understand situations better and more easily: Discover and explore relationships in your data by focusing on analyses, switching between data views or creating an interactive dashboard. Dynamically restrict the quantity of data using disy Cadenza’s powerful filter functions in order to carry out deeper analyses on partial quantities. Identify and examine irregularities, differences or relationships and clearly display key figures and KPIs grouped together. Change the structure of tables using the drag and drop function and create pivot tables.

Create your individual dashboard to get a quick overview

Find out about the status quo and the corresponding key figures with just a quick glance: In disy Cadenza you clearly compile all data in various views in a dashboard. Choose between different table, diagram and map types, indicators, text or image elements. Simply combine and configure the wide range of analysis and visualization options in disy Cadenza in order to quickly provide data-driven answers. Use the Data Discovery properties of disy Cadenza to quickly create interactive real-time visualizations, in which filters, data and visualizations can be combined.

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Quickly derive answers from data

Filter data flexibly and quickly to evaluate them according to your needs. Observe and explore the data from different perspectives in order to work out relevant aspects and to discover irregularities in them. Select and aggregate your data using professional, spatial or temporal criteria or add new dimensions. This will enable you to gain expressive information in no time at all – with the selected filtering in a visually appealing tabular form using the Data Discovery properties of disy Cadenza.

disy Cadenza offers you the following options, for example:

  • Multidimensional analysis: Adding, moving and sorting dimensions and key figures
  • Pivoting
  • Flexible filters
  • Dynamic coloring of values
  • Wide range of aggregations and Top-N analyses
  • Colored highlighting when values are exceeded
  • Inserting subtotals and intermediate aggregations
  • Inserting row and column totals

Gain insights with visual analyses

Analyze your data not only in the form of tables, but also visually in charts and maps. Use the human ability to quickly recognize patterns. disy Cadenza’s smart functions will help you with an intelligent selection of suitable visualizations so that you don’t have to deal with complicated and time-consuming chart configurations. disy Cadenza uses modern heuristics for your data discovery!

Get informative displays using implemented heuristics and dynamic automatisms with just a few clicks: The most suitable visualization types will be suggested as possibilities based on your data structure; and you can quickly switch to a different type. disy Cadenza already preconfigures the analysis result in a suitable form.

Efficiently design your analysis process and be guided by the suggestions from disy Cadenza as data analysis software.

Add your own data to Data Discovery

You have even more freedom for data analyses within Data Discovery with the option of importing and evaluating further supplementary information in different file formats in addition to and together with the prepared data in disy Cadenza. This is possible for all data which is saved in the file formats XLSX, CSV, GPX or as KML. The data they contain are automatically displayed in the data browser and can be used without restrictions in your analyses. Use the Analysis Context to filter the data across all dimensions – locally for a data view or for the overall worksheet.

Data Discovery as a team: collaborative data analysis

Analyzing data and sharing gained insights is also teamwork. disy Cadenza directly supports you when analyzing data in a team with corresponding user rights concepts and functions for collaborative working.

Let your data do the talking: Using different data visualizations, your data tell the stories contained within them in an understandable and illustrative manner. Present your individually created tables, your chart visualizations and maps or even complete dashboards to the other team members or individual persons. This gives your teams room for their own questions and the possibility to interactively research in the data and to analyze them. disy Cadenza does not only promote collaboration on a team level, but also on a data level and thus contributes to a growth in knowledge across the entire organization.

Use advanced analytics for planning and decision-making

Create the analyses and statistics of your choice and use the possibilities of directly integrating advanced analytics and machine learning in disy Cadenza. By embedding and coupling the R-interface, for example, all statistical functions from R are available via disy Cadenza’s unified interface. Find your answers with the help of the methods used in diagnostic and predictive analytics.

Understand relationships in a spatial dimension

Profit from the strengths of the spatial dimension in disy Cadenza and combine conventional data with location-related data. Analyze relationships in a geographic context and discover regional influencing factors and dependencies. So you will be able to see the overall picture before making decisions. Using different GIS functions such as routing or buffing, you can analyze your data on a completely new level – use the influencing factors “place” and “time” to interpret your data.

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