Your Perspective as Junior

We transform data into knowledge. That's the goal of our products and solutions. Data analytics, data management, charts, spreadsheet processing, and reporting with spatial reference are our world. We conjure up noise maps, pesticide reports, and flood areas graphically on the screen. In order to develop the first-class software and innovative solutions for this, we need top people. What you need for this isn’t something you’ll have right on the first day – but you can learn with us.

Being a Junior at Disy means that you will grow under the best possible conditions and discover your personal focal point.

Why we fit together

Picture: Why we fit together

With us, you’ll never be standing still. If you want to learn a lot, you’re seeking challenges, and you don’t just want to be encouraged, but also encouraged to reach, then we’ll probably fit together well. For we place great value on the careful breaking-in and training of our career starters. In the end, our employees’ capabilities determine the quality of our work.

With us, as a Junior you’ll find everything you need to grow professionally and personally. What do we expect for this? The readiness to always give us your best.

How you can grow with us

Picture: How you can grow with us

Thanks to your studies and perhaps a first job or two, you have broad basic knowledge. Now the concern is to work out your professional strengths and focal points. To exploit your full potential, you will have experienced colleagues by your side from the very first day; they will teach you everything that you don’t (yet) know. In internal and external workshops, we will deepen knowledge you gained from your studies.

We expect a big commitment from you. What do you get for that? The best conditions for your professional and personal growth and a team whose members always help each other.

First steps in product development

First steps in product development

The basis of our solutions is our own core technology disy Cadenza. We implement continuously, from backend to frontend, and make the functionality available both via Web interface and as a Swing-based desktop application and an app for mobile devices.

With us, you will have the opportunity to work with nearly all modern technologies in the Java environment or to focus on a particular area. You’ll be working state-of-the-art with Java 11.

How we specifically support you:

  • With pair programming, you will enjoy the support of experienced colleagues
  • The Code Academy for expanding your knowledge of design patterns to the efficient use of the latest technologies
  • We use Code Katas, so that everyone can be a part of things regardless of their experience

At the end of your first year, you will be in a position to create efficient, reliable code in a professional software development process, starting with unit tests, to continuous integration, code reviews, and sensible coding standards.

First steps in solution development

First steps in solution development

As solution developer, you’ll learn and use a broad technology stack quickly. You’ll work with all common databases, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server and apply a wide variety of analytical evaluation methods. In the process, you’ll use data integration and ETL tools such as Talend and FME. You’ll build evaluation databases and warehouses and learn how to create open comprehensive solutions for customers.

In solution development, you’ll coordinate the requirements for reports, ad hoc analyses, dashboards, and map evaluations and implement them in our product disy Cadenza. In the process, you’ll come into contact with our customers’ many specialties.

What you’ll learn with us:

  • Everything about data integration and data analytics
  • How to integrate spatial data into databases and establish relations
  • How each setting in our product disy Cadenza works and how to plan expanded functional scope individually for customers in a project
  • How, as an internal customer, you can participate directly in the design and enhancement of disy Cadenza
  • Project management and cooperation with product development

You’ll see: Visualizing data clearly in high-performance fashion on maps and in charts and enabling user interaction with the graphics – that's a technical feat that will challenge you and is a lot of fun as well.

First steps in other company areas

Picture: First steps in other company areas

There is a lot to do at Disy, even beyond solutions, consulting, and development. New employees will learn as much from our colleagues in system administration, marketing, HR, and quality assurance as they do in other areas of the company. You’ll take on responsibility quickly and contribute to the successful workflow of great teams at the relevant points.

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