Deliver information efficiently with disy Cadenza as reporting software

Analyzed and interpreted data are the key to knowledge and are essential to making well-informed decisions. By using the comprehensive functionalities of disy Cadenza as reporting software, you can deliver structured and curated information to your employees, other organizations, or the public – through a standardized platform with flexible data research, with predefined analyses and high-quality visualizations. The result: understandable reports at every workplace, completed print reports or data and maps which are clearly sorted for internal research. disy Cadenza is the ideal platform for your organization’s internal reporting or for the creation of public data portals.

Deliver curated information

Use disy Cadenza to prepare ready-to-use dashboards and deliver prepared data in the form of tables, charts, maps as well as pre-defined, structured PDF reports you designed yourself.

Use disy Cadenza to prepare ready-to-use dashboards and deliver prepared data in the form of tables, charts, maps as well as pre-defined, structured PDF reports you designed yourself. The reporting software provides a navigator which makes finding information simple and therefore also efficient and guides you through the wide range of themes for the existing data. The delivered displays and reports can be structured as required – for example according to specialization or organization.

In addition, you can enable selected user groups to filter and analyze data when needed or create analytical reports for others. You define which data and which analysis and visualization possibilities can be seen and used by third parties.

Clearly convey information in the Management dashboard

Understandable and quickly accessible: With disy Cadenza you can display your data in a clearly structured manner. They are “ready to use” for all who need them: completely prepared, analyzed and visualized in the form of tables, a variety of charts, on the map or as dashboard. disy Cadenza as Management dashboard unites the elements you desire:

  • Flexible displays in the form of tables, for example with Top-N values or colored highlighting of values
  • Various charts which make values clear and comparable
  • Different calendar displays which give the data a new perspective
  • Highlighted individual values of particular significance
  • Images and text elements to accentuate or explain the specific content

Those using the dashboard can further restrict the displayed content according to all available dimensions and key figures – the Management dashboard immediately updates the display.

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Creating target group specific reports

Attractive PDF reporting formats

Meet the different information requirements in the organization with target group specific information and individually prepared reports. Different target groups only see the content they require for their tasks and for which they have the respective rights.

Create PDF reports using every trick in the book – briefly and clearly designed or in the corporate design formatted down to the last pixel. Use the wide range of intuitive design and formatting elements to insert headings, define font types and sizes or insert maps and charts in addition to tables and text in the report.

And the best thing is: A report is generated which takes the set filters and the current data into account, i.e. any data filtering which has been implemented has an immediate effect on the reports. With this added extra speed, disy Cadenza supports you in your daily reporting tasks.

Share and publish information within the organization

Get your organization to the forefront of knowledge by sharing target group specific reports within the organization. With disy Cadenza as reporting software, all kinds of evaluations or even completed PDF reports can be forwarded to colleagues – including the selected filter options. Database updates are also taken into account in the same way as access rights for report recipients. Generate synergy effects and deliver your information within the organization in your specialist application.

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Report Scheduler: Time and event-controlled information

Automate regularly occurring reporting tasks: Get the information on the current situation delivered to you as report – at regular intervals or pro-actively when a certain data event occurs. With the Report Scheduler available in the disy Cadenza reporting software, you freely define which information is to be distributed upon which event to which people using a wide range of individual rules.

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Deliver information for the public in the data portal

Do you have to fulfill information obligations to the public or do you want to be pro-active in informing citizens? disy Cadenza gives you the possibility of publicly delivering information.

In form of:

  • curated and quality-controlled data,
  • open data portals or
  • as individual part of an information portal.

disy Cadenza ensures there is an overview of your published content: structured according to theme, prepared and with all the filter options necessary for searching the data. This makes information clear and easily accessible for your website visitors.

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Securely deliver target group specific information

Do your data and reports contain information which should not be made public and which are only intended for a specific group of people or individuals? Freely definable access rights in the disy Cadenza reporting software mean that you can decide precisely which employees should be permitted to view special information, which data is always allowed to be displayed in reports and who should receive which reports. Deliver user- and task-specific data and reports securely and reliably.


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