Database Consulting

Database and clean data modelling are the foundation of every modern application. They ensure the long-term usability of the data – even beyond the lifetime of individual specialist applications.

Disy’s data architects are experts with many years of experience. They will advise you when selecting suitable systems and modelling your data. They will guide you to fully implement or optimise modern database systems – from individual specialist databases right up to organisation-wide data infrastructures, data warehouses or big data.

Data Warehouse and Big Data

In addition to specialist databases, one of Disy’s main focus is the implementation of evaluation databases and data warehouses. Benefit from our in-depth expertise in this field. Experience and knowledge are key to success, in particular when it comes to the design of complex infrastructures. Disy will advise you regarding the selection and structure of your database and assist you with its construction. We have extensive experience with technologies and databases such as Oracle, SAP HANA, MS SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Thanks to the intensive partnerships with Oracle and SAP, a quick exchange of information is assured, so that current knowledge and new suggestions can be regularly exchanged – something which both sides profit from.


Spatial Data Management

Spatial data is playing an increasingly important role in data management and analysis processes. As far as the interaction of classic specialist data and spatial data is concerned, Disy has developed specialist expertise right from the start and has expanded it over the years. Like no other company in Germany, we’ve recognised very early on that attribute and spatial data should be managed and used together. Expect excellent consulting service on usage, storage and optimisation of spatial data types, for example with Oracle Locator/Spatial, SAP Hana Spatial or PostGIS.


Automated Data Flows

Disy assists you in reaching the next stage of your data infrastructure by offering advice and practical support related to the creation of new databases as well as the re-organisation, extension and optimisation of existing databases. Particular emphasis is placed on the automation of data flows through ETL (extraction, transformation and loading), which enables you to access current, quality assured data even faster. By enriching your data with additional spatial data through geocoding or the integration of spatial services, we integrate the “spatial component" into your data and transform your existing databases into spatial databases.