Application development

For open data, Web GIS, mobile solutions, specialised portals and applications

Based on our Cadenza platform or on any other system, we help you provide your data as an integral part of your IT infrastructure solution on open-data and specialised portals or web-based GIS applications. The development of mobile solutions and professional applications for the recording of new data is also part of our spectrum of services. We have completed numerous projects for public authorities on the federal and local level and internally in the relevant departments. Thus, we have made a lot of data and applications available to the public via Web presence and in online portals and all of these have one thing in common: They were created thanks to Disy's expertise and technologies.

Individual, customer-oriented, spatially-related

Data can be analysed, visualised and forwarded in many ways, yet the combination of data and spatial reference is frequently underestimated. Disy has mastered all facets of individual application development in which data with spatial focus is incorporated: This includes open data portals, Web GIS and mobile solutions, spatial applications and specialised portals.

Made in Germany

We develop and manufacture our software and solutions exclusively at our site in Germany. In addition to the high quality and reliability of our software, we thus ensure fast development of solutions – with and for our customers.

Ideal framework for specialist applications

Cadenza constitutes the perfect framework for specialised applications. Public bodies or private organisations using the Cadenza platform can easily integrate specialised applications into their data processing and rights management processes – just like a plug-in. They are thus made available to your staff, either web-based or as a desktop variant. Specialised applications range from the data model to the screen for integrated attribute and spatial data entry and correspond completely to individual requirements. The Cadenza platform provides the other necessary GIS, reporting and evaluation functions.

Seamless integration with third-party systems solutions that are based on Cadenza technology is ensured via open interfaces.