One Platform for Data Analytics, Reporting and GIS that Scales Across Organizations

Ensure robust operations with a data analysis platform optimized for large organizations. For individual custom databases or organization-wide data infrastructures, for individual teams and departments or entire organizations. User administration and integrated logging and monitoring support you in all your operational and security-related tasks. Whether on-premise or private cloud – disy Cadenza gives you all the freedom and configuration options you need for the technical design of your IT infrastructure.


Simplify Your Administration Through Central Configuration

Simplifying Your Administration Through Central Configuration

With disy Cadenza, you retain control over your IT environment and at the same time give your departments the freedom to flexibly analyze data from the various technical systems, data warehouse and spatial databases.

Thanks to the principle of a central expert team of content managers, which is deeply rooted in disy Cadenza, it is possible to prepare organization-related data for target groups, to edit them and make them available to the entire organization.

Users who need to access information quickly receive a variety of ready-made data and report views. They can also filter and visualize the data themselves or analyze the data independently using the Data Discovery and Geo Analytics functions.

Central Administration

The heart of disy Cadenza Platform holds a central, standardized configuration system: the Repository forms disy Cadenza Platform's core as an analysis and map index for all users and access points. Administrators can configure and extend the infrastructure as a team using integrated design tools.

Accessing All Data

disy Cadenza directly builds on your data infrastructure with databases, GIS servers, file-based data pools or services. It supports common databases, map services and data formats. Data from different technical systems or central assessment databases as well as data warehouses are made accessible to all staff members via common interface.

Rights Management, Logging and Monitoring

Comply with data protection and IT security regulations and secure access via comprehensive rights management. Rights management is designed for large organizations with complex and diverse access control requirements. Powerful logging and monitoring also helps you supervising the system and access to your data.

Lifecycle Management for Development, Testing and Operation

Lifecycle Management

Every disy Cadenza Repository runs through a process from creation to "go live". It covers multiple environments, including technical development, rights assignment, testing and productive use. 

Optimize lifecycle management for development, testing, and operations. This allows you to update data and evaluations even in parts, while delivering them continuously to the entire organization assuring top quality.



The Choice is Yours: On-Premise or Private Cloud

Choose your favorite operating model for your infrastructure and design all technical aspects of your IT infrastructure according to your needs. Whether on-premise or in the private cloud – with disy Cadenza we provide you with an advanced platform for data discovery and geo analytics within your IT infrastructure that can be rolled out throughout your entire organization.

Qualitätssiegel "Software Made in Germany"

Software Made in Germany

As the only platform for data analytics, reporting and GIS, disy Cadenza received the "Software Made in Germany" seal of approval from the German Association of SMEs in the IT sector.

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