Disy at AGIT/GI_Forum 2019 in Austria

Conveying complex geodata analyzes clearly

Disy Informationssysteme GmbH is participating again in scientific exchange and discourse with two posters from research projects. The posters are presented by Nina Kirschner, Sophia Baron and Dr.-Ing. Julian Bruns.

In the research project "WeKoVi" of the BMVI research initiative mFUND, Disy deals with the calculation of complex comparative indices (KVI) from open data sources.

To illustrate the concept behind a KVI, the example of bike friendliness is shown and presented in the form of the poster "Is my city bike-friendly? Quantification by a KVI on Open Data".

In the research project "ViWaT" of the BMBF in the supporting program FONA3, Disy develops a dashboard, which will act as a planning and development tool in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM). This will be implemented together with an interdisciplinary research consortium and tested in the project region of Mekong-Delta in Vietnam. The vision of such a dashboard is presented in the poster "Data management and information system for a water resources plan in the Mekong Delta".

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