Disy presents Geo-ETL add-on at Geospatial World Forum 2019

Disy will present its Geo add-on GeoSpatial Integration for Talendat the 2019 Geospatial World Forum in Amsterdam.

Geo Data Warehousing and Spatial Data Infrastructures are becoming more and more important in public administrations and commercial applications. Because of novel technologies such as mobile sensors, cheaper and better earth observation data, UAV-based remote sensing technologies, IoT, etc., the near future will see a rapid increase of spatial big data applications - in areas such as Smart Cities, Precision Agriculture, Smart Transport, Civil Security etc.

The importance of professional ETL (extract - transform - load) processes for data acquisition, integration, cleansing, and storage is growing accordingly. Although several ETL tools have been on the market for many years, not many of them provide convenient features in regard to handling geo data. That’s why Disy developed the Geospatial Extension for Talend Open Source ETL Workbench.

Furtheron Disy and the FZI Research Center for Information Technologies jointly developed methods and tools for machine-learning, semi-automatic geodata integration, spatial quality assurance according to OGC Simple Features Specification and improving geodata’s heuristic. Practical examples include Environmental Monitoring and Precision Agriculture.

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